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Full Version: Opi gelcolor peeling off acrylic
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Ok, this is the second time this has happened to me. Just wondering if any of you have experienced this also. I routinely use Gelish and ACG over acrylic and have never had ANY issues what so ever, in fact ,most clients pay extra to have it ,and have never returned to traditional polish. This is the second time I have
used OPI gelcolor over acrylic and clients calling telling me their beautiful color is peeling off !!! This has happened with Pompeii Purple, and now ,Bastille My bulbs are still good, and were new when this happened last time, ( I use CND lamps ). Made sure to shake....any thoughts ?
Unlike other SOP,
I find you have to use a base with the opi over acrylic.

Good to know sabbott, I never use a base with the other brands when I apply over acrylic, and it did not occur to me that that could be the problem. Thank you so much ! Smile
This has happened to me a couple times. I make sure I don't buff the nail to smooth. I do not clean the nail after filing with cleanser, I only use a clean brush to remove all the dust. Using acetone or alcohol can leave behind shiny areas on the acrylic, which will lead to peeling.
I use OPI over acrylic all the time. i don't use a basecoat but agree with stuka123. Also I have found some colors like pompeii purple need cured a couple times. The thinner the coating the better for me even if it means more than 2 coats to cover. I did find OPI has a bit of a learning curve...
Good rule of thumb is If the gel smell like polish you will get away with out the base.
Using base will have a stronger bond and a shinier finish.
I started using a base, just in case.