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Full Version: acrylic going flat?
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Hi- I have a friend in school doing acrylics * they loose there arch & go flat??
Then she tried to do a fill with UV Gel? They looked arched on application....but Can you do that - gel fill into acrylic??? I saw the client today & her nails are flat again? Maybe not curing correctly? Any ideas? Lol when I do acrylic we have the opposite- I have too much acrylic & have to file more!
never heard of nails going 'flat' after the clients leave. I know acrylic still continues to cure for a while after the client leaves but it stands to reason if the product was still continuing to level out, the run off would be in the cuticle when the client comes back...jmo.
Do you mean they are going flat while the client is still in the chair or after she leaves? If it is while she is there, it may be she is putting it on too wet and it isn't setting up right. If that is the case, she needs to use less liquid. Your ball shouldn't be running or dripping off the brush. It will stay on your brush by itself and just look glassy. Also I don't think you are suppose to fill in flat spots with gel