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Full Version: replacement bulbs for OPI axxium uv light
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Hi Everyone
I'm thinking of returning to the nail industry. I wanted to practice on gel polish. I currently have the opi axxium uv light purchased around 6 years ago, I need to replace the bulbs. can not find the info on the wattage and where I can purchase them on line. I wonder if any gel polish such as gelish or shellac will cure properly under the opi axxium uv light. any info would be so appreciated. thank you all !
If your lamp is 6 years old, buy a new lamp. If your going to do Shellac (or anything else), then buy the CND lamp. It will cure all UV cure gel polishes. If you want LED only, then buy the OPI or Gelish lamp. If you want really inexpensive, works well, non professional, buy the Sally Hansen Gel Polish 4 finger cure lamp. Sally Hansen, owned by Coty, so is OPI, OPI has consumer gelshine line that is same as Gelcolor formula, Sally Hansen lamp will cure OPI Gelcolor just fine at a fraction of the cost of the pro lamp
Why replace the lamp if it works? I believe it holds three 9 watt bulbs. I still have an old LCN UV lamp and works fine. I believe Nail Lite Inc carries the Sylvania bulbs for a lot less than some other beauty supply places.