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Full Version: Feedback for U-Power 2G electric file
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Does anyone have any feedback on the U-Power 2G cordless electric file? I am looking for another file that is portable from station to station without unplugging all the time. The good??? The bad??? Longevity of battery??? Thanks!
I purchased the Erica's Micro-Pro BP Portable back in January and everyday I think to myself how much I love this little piece of equipment. It was worth every penny I paid for it. I work a lot of hours and it makes my day so much easier - I can carry it around in my smock pocket from station to station. It holds a charge really well.

I use it for manicures, and really love it for pedicures, too. The folks at Erica's are super nice to work with and would gladly answer any questions you have about their machines and bits. I love that about their company - they are actually real people you can talk to about their products and they really seem to care that you are happy with your purchase. I had the pleasure of meeting them in Orlando.

I was considering the same machine that you are, but when I talked with Erica at her family's company, I made up my mind to purchase their machine. I asked Erica why I should purchase their machine over any others, and I liked what she had to say.