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Full Version: Has anyone tried SOHO products?
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I found a foot mask by SOHO called Too Cool. Has anyone tried it?
I use whole line and I like it, I have two masks - too cool and chill out - both smell great, apply well. Although I have used only CND's pedicure products before, so I do not have much to compare to. But Too cool is awesome, the smell is killing me Smile
I used it a few years ago, the only specific issue that I can remember about the SOHO line is that the walnut scrub left a greasy residue in the pedi tub. That was not an issue for me because I use the footsie liners, but it could be a problem if you don't use disposable liners.
Hope this is helpful
does it peel like rubber? That is what the description says.
What soak would you use with it? I need one that has a strong smell so that they smell it. I would also need a scrub and maybe cream
Thank you for responding

Yes, the Too cool does harden and peel like a rubbery substance, as long as it is mixed properly. Clients liked it & thought that was interesting.
I like the Keyano Aromatic scrubs, no greasy-ness left behind.
I miss the green apple/oatmeal mask.... Sad