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Full Version: Earning more money
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I need to connect with Nail specialists who are earning over $100,000. per year. I have considered hiring a business consultant, however, I'm thinking they will tell me what I already know. Raise my price. As I write this it does seem rather simple, yes? NO.... I have owned my own salon, it is private. I am on a referral only basis. I have had many of my clients for 20+ years. As we all know we build relationships with these amazing people who have been with us, and a part of our lives for decades. It becomes increasingly difficult to implement a "this is a business" only attitude. Having said that, I am 48 years old, and as much as I would like to think positively, my days are numbered. Occasionally my body tells me so. I would love someone that is very serious about this career to help me. Last year I grossed 120,000. I would like to earn more and work just a little less than I do currently. I work a lot. I start my days at 7:00 and finish usually around 6:00. Any help would be appreciated.
Wow. I would love to see the responses to this thread - I cannot imagine being able to make that much dong nails!
If your book is full, raise your prices! Other than that - sell more retail.