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Full Version: Hard gels, regular gel nails....difference.
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Since Im trying to get back into gels again Im hearing all this hard gel talk. Whats the difference of a hard gel as opposed to regular gel systems?
Of course I want honest opinions on gel systems? Ive used TEN and liked it, the heat spike not so much.
They are the same thing. I think we're all specifying hard gel now to distinguish between soak off gel systems or hybrids like Gelish or Shellac.

Hard gel means it doesn't soak of in acetone.
Oh ok, that makes sense. Are hard gels that are non soakable as opposed to a soak off gel system more durable. I feel like a new nail tech again with tons of questions.
imo, the hard gels are more durable. Since the sog's are soakable, that makes them softer, a bit more inclined to seperate at the ends if you clean a bit too much with them. I do a combo of both, using the hard gel on the bottom, and use the sog for color.