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Full Version: Has anyone tried Incoco nail polish applique?
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I was looking through this months nails magazine and came across
Incoco nail polish applique.
Has anyone tried them? How about for toes?
Do you offer this as an add on and how much?
Does it work well and stay on? Is it hard to apply?
Thanks so much
I've heard good things about them, they're pretty easy to apply. They last slightly longer than polish. I've tried contacting them three times about buying them but never heard back!
Here's why I decided NOT to use them, since the stuff is made from actual nail lacquer, once the package is opend, the covers need to be used ASAP. I believe I read that you CAN use one or two, put the rest back in the package and then they should keep for about another 2 weeks. Once the covers are exposed to air, the they finish the drying process. Once they're completely dried, you can no longer stretched and fit the covers.

I did contact them and ask about 4th of July designs and they responded quickly. I just don't want to have a bunch of the stuff on hand then have it become useless after two weeks. I don't have anyone who's willing to wear all 10 nails like that, maybe a couple each hand, only.
Always looking for something different . Even though I see they are sold on ebay, amazon and in kiosk's in Malls, I can't imagine how many people will buy the light to go with it.
I think I will just try them for myself.

Just bought a whole bunch of them but haven't had time to try them out. The designs are awesome tho....Sillysoup, you don't need a light with these. I'll let you know when I try them, maybe even a picture.

Thank you! Can't wait to see the pictures!!!!!