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Full Version: White sliding on french polish HELP!!
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I have been having issues with doing a white on white french. After i apply top coat the white seems to slide back or bleed losing its crisp smile line.

I am using poshe base on the tip of the nail 2 thin coats of esse blanc I clean the smile line base coat over whole nails with poshe base one coat of funny bunny and then top coat with poshe top coat.

If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. I was using a chinca glaze white that seemed to bleed as well so i switched back to esse. Maybe i am applying base coat too thick? Im not sure any input would be appreciated
Are you letting each layer dry slightly? Or putting too much pressure while top coating? Or over polishin the top layer, when I do a french polish, I kinda just float on my top coat as to not disturb the smile line. Does that make sense? I also usually use OPI and dont have the bleeding problem, but if I put too much pressure as I am applying my top coat it will pull the color a bit and make it look streaky or pull the color right out. So I have learned to just wait a couple minutes before top coating. I also only apply one coat of the white on the free edge.
Hey.what I do as well is always put each layer under my UV light and that helps the layers dry.
I think its a common mistake for some ppl that put too much pressure on their top coat..... ex-- when your top coat turns pink cuz the red polish gets schmeared in... one of my pet peeves.....
Just 'float'l the top coat over the polish and make sure you wipe the brush between your fingers before you put it back into the bottle.
When I do a french polish... do your white, wipe your smile line and then put it in your lamp...this should be more than enough time to apply your top coat...
HTH !!!!
I wasn't aware uv light dried nail polish. I'm pretty sure it dries via evaporation. I don't think you're letting it dry long enough or could be thicker application technique.
Well then it only makes perfect sense that heat from the bulbs wld make the solvents evaporate faster....i dont know all the chemistry....but i do know it works!!!! Try it...what do u have to lose?? Yes it takes a bit more time..but i dont like sending regular manicure clients out the door with sopping wet polish so this is good does workSmileSmileSmile