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Full Version: Newbie Type Question :)
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If you're putting gel polish over an acrylic or gel set, don't you have to soak off the entire wrap when you should be filling? Or do these clients use the same color repeatedly? I'm confused. Sorry if this is a stupid question.
I'd file it off. Soaking would damage the nail that you're filling.
Over an acrylic set you absolutely want to file the gel polish off. Soaking in this case will cause the acrylic to start to break down. Remember acrylic will soak off in acetone, so even the 5 minute soak for the color removal will start to break down the acrylic underneath. If you have hard gel underneath, you could soak it, but its really faster to just file off while you do your fill prep work. Hard gels are "impervious" to acetone - meaning acetone can not penetrate the hard gel and breakdown will be so minimal you wont notice, but filing it off is much faster. Any "soak off" or gel polish under there you can soak or file. Soft gels (soak off's - 20 minute +/- soak) fall into the same idea as acrylic since the product is made to break down in acetone. So in this case you either want to file off the color or soak everything off completely..
Understood. Got it. Thanks for explaining!