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Full Version: Pricing for kids
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I'm starting my salon and working on my pricing. I have a few younger girls wanting manicures and pedicures. They are around the ages of 12-13. Should I still charge them the full price? I hate doing that since they are younger and obviously their nails are smaller. What are your thoughts.
My experience has been that although their nails can be smaller, sometimes they can be just as much, if not more work than adults and take the same amount of time. Many of them have much more pterygium to deal with, many are nail biters or chew the eponychium, have lots of hangnails, etc. We price our mani's and pedi's the same for anyone 13 and older.
My prices are the same for children (I agree that they are more work), however, I do give student discounts for good grades.
We do a lot of kid services. We charge the same as we do for the basic services for adults (a little less for the pedi since there's usually less work with their pedi than an adult). $15 for mani and $18 for pedi and we're done with both services in about 30 minutes (adult express is $15 for mani and $25 for pedi and we're done with both services in about 45 minutes). We only charge this amount for up to 12 years old. 13 and older are all charged as an adult. Nail art is an extra fee.
Whether male or female, young or old, our pricing does not change.
I agree, I charge the same if they are 10 or 40. I also limit the age of the young ladies to 9 or older for non client patrons. If my clients want to bring in their daughters then I am a little more lenient about the age unless they are under 5.