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Full Version: OPI Gel Color stains
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Any one else having this issue?
& if so what colors are u having issues with?

colors r beautiful but I don't like having to buff off the stain Huh
I have been having this problem since day 1. I preordered the light and all the colors. The final answer from opi was that the top coat is porous and will absorb anything from lotion to color off your jeans. Any French color/light shade I use discolors. Since I don't soak it off (I use it over hard gel) my solution has been to use a hard gel sealer over the light shades and cure it in the Uv lamp which kind of defeats the purpose since I did purchase the led lamp. If someone wants it as a soak off I highly discourage it. If you put a regular top coat over the opi top coat it will seal it and wont discolor. I found that out by accident and really havent tried it on a regular basis. Just want to add that the clients I use this on are not hair stylists. Their teachers, office jobs, etc. And the answer from opi came directly from management at the home office. (long story) lol
Since this seems to be a topcoat issue I wonder if I can just use another led sog topcoat like gelish and it would not happen


I have not seen any.
bbrennan, are you using an led hard gel also, and if so, what brand?
Bogota blackberry & Strawberry Margarita stained the nail
Also Bubble bath changed kinda yellow like. It was so pretty at first..beautiful french combo..I wore it & it changed Sad

the Gelish colors I used have not changed or stained tho.

I do love the OPI but booooo to stain
So far Princess rule still looks good over a that is a super pretty color Smile
I use Gelish hard gel. Yes its led cured.
bbrennan, I just purchased the gelish hard gel dark pink builder. I just tried it on one of my nails and it seems like it files off very easily. With the gel that I use now, to do a reg fill I file down and blend the old gel with an Efile, prep the nail, apply one coat of builder, finish file with efile and hand file, apply gel polish and sealer. Can you tell me what steps you use to do a reg fill and do you use any of the other gels or just the builder? If you want, you can just email me at [email protected] Thanks!
(04-24-2012, 10:49 PM)suestation Wrote: [ -> ]Any one else having this issue?
& if so what colors are u having issues with?

colors r beautiful but I don't like having to buff off the stain Huh

Yes, I just removed Russian Navy from a customer and the stains are not only on her nails, but also on her cuticles. I am using the ExpertTouch pads, mitts, and lacquer remover. Is there a fix?
I have had it happen also with my gelish top coat. Client had her hair colored and from washing her hair it really discolored her french.