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Full Version: glitter toes
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ok.. late lucy here.. finally getting on the glitter toe train!! i have my mani q, protien bond, glitter, gel color... have run out to get a dotting tool.. i only have shellac and opi soak off gel color top coat and opi soak off axxium gel topcoat... that should be ok, right.. till i can order mani q top coat..

if add on to pedicure..thinking in not gonna do soak pedi... just do toes application then rinse off product and if just glitter toes.. then dry pedi with lots of NAS!!! lOl

what is the going add chg?? thinking 15?? i add 10 to mani for gel polish...

any advice??? TIA
Gel toes, IMO, are an enhancement service and should be priced accordingly. When they come back in you will have to soak or file off before reapplying. My prices are as follows:
Express pedi 35
Express with RockStar toes 62
Spa pedi 52
Spa with RockStar toes 79

On my menu I don't show it as an add-on, I show my RockStar toe services as their own service. You can see my descriptions on my website.

We do the same thing....have Rockstar as its own service. We don't use water, just do all the toe work. If they want to add on a "pedi" (which for us would just be callous work and a massage since everything for the nails is already done) we charge $12.00.
I just add $10 more for glitter to any service.
I love doing much fun & the clients LOVE them so much!
I do them so much I could do them blindfolded..LOL
Suestation, do you wear them ? How did you get them to catch on ? I am just crazy for them ! I have a two tone gltter fade on my hands right now ,and super sparkly glitter toes...hoping more people will want them come summer...Smile
Yes, I wear them all the time.
People notice all the time. Esp. In yoga class..LOL