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Full Version: Cuticle Nippers
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I am looking for some new cuticle nippers. I am going to buy 1/4 jaw, but I'm not sure what brand is good. Prices range so much in these. Could anyone give me their opinion on your favorite nippers please?

Thank you!
I use Revlon and they are fine. I used all the expensive ones but after 25 years it gets expensive.
Thank you Sillysoup! I am new to all this. I am looking at ones by Tweezerman. I have a couple pairs that work good but I don't like the 1/2 nippers.
Revlon has 1/4 and full jaw. I have learned over the years that just because something is more expensive does not always mean it is better. Sometimes stores have sales on Revlon products. Give a pair a try and compare them to the Tweezerman. One thing that used to bother me about some cuticle nippers was that they dug into my hand and you had to put those things on the ends to protect your hands. That never happens with the revlons. Good luck!
I love my Mehaz cuticle nippers. They are pricey but guaranteed for life! I have two pairs, so when one needs repairs/maintenance I have a back up. The company will also service them for free. Last I knew you had to include a check for $3.00 for them to return ship. When I get them back they are like new and I'll never have to buy another one again.
I got a pair of the Antione and loved them. They were the best ones I ever had. I tried all the other expensive ones and they just didn't last for me. I also use the ones from Nailite and Premier Nail Source- about $3- and I can toss them. I have also used ones from $Tree and the other Dollar stores.
Thank you everyone! I am going to try out bunch of them. I bought a pair today by Cricket. They were 22 bucks but I couldn't find any others they were 1/4 jaw without ordering them.
I like the Mehaz with the red comfort grip.
I'm co-signing with the Mehaz Comfort Grip Nippers. They are razor sharp for a precise cut, the handle is ergonomically designed, and I have a couple of pairs that have been with me for like 9 years! When I drop them (and I do FREQUENTLY) the have NEVER bent or broken. Simply the best.
Thank you for your help!!!
I really like body toolz. Have had mine almost a year now and still relatively sharp. Im super clumsy and tend to leave things in quats for longer than 10 min but has not affected performance.
I love Mehaz for the reasons stated here. They're also one of the only producers of 1/8 jaw nippers, which I like for manis. Sure, they're more expensive, but supplies are tax-deductible and they stand behind their products. I recently got a pair of Cricket nippers from Sally Beauty for $16 and they're great.