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Full Version: I need a schedule on the go!!
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Hello all,

I need to get my salon schedule mobile. There are too many times that I am not in shop and get text or call about making an apt. Anyone out there using something that can be linked between smart phone and computer?

Thanks, Rose
check out - they have a 30 day free trial


I've heard good things about genbooks. Apparently it sinks to you google calandra if you have an iPhone.
I use style seat it's free free free free! I have an app I use on my iPhone and iPad the schedule links so it's great. Clients can book they're own appointments and the software sends email reminders about appointments.
I've been using Style Seat. I love it & so do my clients. Check it out. It's Free. I use in on my Droid Phone& Android Tablet.
Just curious, does Style Seat send Text reminders as well as email?

Thanks for the info! I have a electronic calendar (etc) now at my current location but if I were to leave there, I would SO miss it. So this information is GREAT to know for the future!
Sundazee I think style seat does send text reminders too I'm not sure though.
I use my cell phone as my office phone and have a small appt book i throw in my purse, i am never with out my appt. book and its great. I may look into style seat thought.
Styleseat does send text reminders for FREE!
I love styleseat. I just use the free version and it syncs to my phone which syncs to my tablet Smile
I use the calendar on my iPhone and with the use of the free iCloud feature, the appts. are always available on my home computer if anything ever happens to my phone.
I use a Gmail calendar, its linked to home computer, iPhone, iPad and husband has access on his as well. I love it as Ican book anywhere anytime Smile
I use styleseat also. They send reminders, you can even do online appointment if you like.
I used to use styleseat, but it didnt do it for me. We use Vagaro now, and love it.
I am suspending my endorsement of Vagaro after more than two and a half years using it. A couple weeks ago there was a MAJOR bug on every single one of my standing appointments! Many people's appointments were moved to the wrong weeks, some were dropped for random 4-6 month periods, then mysteriously started again, but again on the wrong week!

It took Vagaro a couple days to resolve the issue, and the customer service was abysmal. I was treated with arrogance and a dismissive attitude, though they did eventually fix the bug in their system, or so they say. They had assured me the problem would never happen again... but then it did. I am still using the program because I am way too busy right now to transfer to a different system, but my faith in them is greatly diminished.

Following is a direct quote from one of the top people at Vagaro regarding the issue I had.

"While I understand that you were frustrated when you discovered this bug, it was given our highest priority, fixed immediately and didn't cause any problems for any customers, it only had a potential issue for customers next year."

He failed to realize that the only reason the error didn't cause any problems was because I ALWAYS double check standing appointments when I book them. I don't know why I always do it, but now I'm glad! Had I not discovered the problem, every single one of my standing appointments would have been screwed up... starting with the week of Christmas and all through December 2014!!

They used to be a highly responsive group while they were getting started and fleshing out their program. Now it appears that their attitude is not that they need their customers. I couldn't get over the irony that he had a dismissive attitude about the seriousness of a bug that affected SCHEDULING in a program that is primarily used for... scheduling. That's the one thing they should never get wrong.
I use style seat or my massage appointments and it works great. Costs me nothing!