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Full Version: Slow Week
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Ok I am finding myself with a very slow week this week and last week was only slightly busier. Anyway what do you all do to drum up business when your having a slow week???

I am in a full service salon and I seem to run into this every three weeks. I know it is just a matter of time before I will be crazy busy and will hope for a slower week but for now I want to be BUSY!!!

Any suggestions Smile
Same here. VERY slow week.... maybe people are just out enjoying the weather. Here in Massachusetts this week the weather has been like summer!
Glad to hear i am not alone where in Massachusetts are you?? I thought because the weather was turning that i would be so so busy. I even ran a $10 off a pedi and $5 off gel mani to get some in but of course i got only one extra but hey it is better then nothing. I am slammed on Friday and Saturday so I am very happy with that Smile. Next week booked up too so yahoo. Good luck to you!!! Weather is changing back to more seasonal weather so I hope that will help Smile
Don't know what part of the state you 2 are in but we have been slow this week also.
For us this is because private schools here are on vacation this week and next.