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Full Version: pain meds and gel nails
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I know - weird thread title!

I have a client who takes meds and I'm wondering (in your experience), which meds affect enhancements more?
This particular client gets wicked migraines, and I know she has to take strong meds for them and I'm sure she possibly takes hormones (long story).

I'm not sure if she's on thyroid meds, but it wouldn't surprise me.

Her gel nails last well and she never has problems, aside from her thumbs! If she catches her thumb wrong, the nail will lift or pop off - none of her other nails have done this. She isn't hard on them at all (to the best of my knowledge), so I'm wondering if it's her meds, or me!

It's never hurt when she's done this (thankfully!) and her nails are in good shape underneath.

Any thoughts?
be sure when she's curing the thumbs that she lifts her thumbs so that the side of her nail isn't laying on the bottom of the lamp. If you can remember, was that the side that seemed to be wear the lifting started from?

If the gel isn't getting cured properly because the UV light is blocked, that's the first place the lift will start because it's not properly bonded to the nail.
thanks - I cure the thumbs separately, but I'll check!