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Full Version: building your polish collection
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Polish sure isn't cheap! How did you go about building your polish collection? I have a few shades of the basic colors, reds,blues, pinks and neturals...It just seems like I don't have enough to offer... Sad
I'v been building my collection for 20+ years; I even highlight the 120+ Essie colors we offer on the salon website.

Another 48 colors from China Glaze give clients lot of options.

I buy every new collection from Essie, with very few exceptions. Colors that don't sell are discounted to make room for new colors.

[Image: PrecisionNails.jpg]
I buy the mini polishes. Then i don't feel bad tossing them out or giving them away.
since I have a small clientele, I buy based on what they request - I have some basics, but I find the new collections that are available to me and talk them up like crazy to people or on my FB page - then I buy what they request.
First, i picked 1 brand to stick with. As a newbie I wanted EVERYTHING, but that was unrealistic. So I did the eeny-meeny-miney-mo and picked China Glaze (options were OPI, CG, Essie, Zoya, and a discount brand). Then I trolled this forum and others for clues to the most popular shades. I found that an online nail supply store had a special from time and time and waited for it, and the price was $2.50 a bottle. I bought 10 bottles to start. Every time they had the sale, I bought 10 bottles. Then when the next collection came out, a lot of places had it on sale for like $30 and I bought it. Sometimes I'd see a color I liked and I'd just pick it up for $3 at the nail supply store. If I saw a color by another brand that I liked, I trolled the nail blogger websites where they do swatches and found CG dupes, then bought the dupe. I now have about 100 CG colors. I was worried about people who would specifically ask for OPI, but when they see my cute display of CG all in order by color, it never comes up. I don't have a lot of clients now either, but I love my polishes!!!!
I remember feeling the same way you did when I first started out. It was daunting indeed. You are on the right track, getting the basics. I have found through the years that if you give too many options the client can't make up their mind, so I keep my selection to no more than 24 and always have on hand some glitter options. Then when Spring or Fall come around I choose some new colors and get rid of some of the old. There are some of my clients who do their own pedicures, so they will buy my old polishes, at half off of retail. Or if the left over polishes don't sell, I donate them to a woman's shelter or a homeless shelter.