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Full Version: What next?
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I need some advice if you please. I joined this site about 1.5 years ago with plans on opening a nail salon sans training. Since then I have researched in and out about the the industry, nails, trends, etc. even better I went to school! I graduate next week (nail tech and moving on to waxing certification). I still would like to own my own shop next year. The thing is I currently have a full time job that I hate and I do want to work a salon to gain the salon experience. I have an 8 year old so working full time and p/t on weekends is just not an option. I guess I need to figure out what my next step should be. Any advice? I'm sure I can do private clients at home a few times a week in the evening but that still doesn't give me any salon experience.
Just rent a spot in a salon. Its less headache and that gives you more time for a family. I personally have 19 years experience in a salon and have watch a number of salons go under because the owner is spread too thin. I have never understood why everyones goal is to own a salon. Because the overhead eats up the majority of the profits unless you are doing a massive amount of people or lucky enought to find a place where the rent is incrediable low. And the headache of dealing with all the crap that goes along with owning salon is most always more trouble than its worth. I currently rent space at a salon where the owner has two kids and owns two salons (one is rental one is hourly and she still works in a full book of clients) and between the two she works herself to near exhaustions and winds up in the hospital at least once a year from over doing it and getting really sick. She is an amazing salon owner and the best I have rented from. But I sure would not want all the headache she has.
And honestly with all the licensed stylist and techs that are out ther and if everyone opens their own salon imagine the number of salons there would be in one area.

I am content with just renting my space in a establish salon. Not much overhead, no drama come in do my job and go home. So much easier than having to deal with sorting out the drama that happens and the rest of the stuff.
I agree with a lot of what Tammi T said. I have also owned my own salon, and believe me it's hard to find people who have great work ethics these days. If you don't have the money to back the salon thru the lean early years, it'll bankrupt you, too. I worked an average of 10-12 a day, and toward the end I was working 6 days a week just to pay off cc's I'd ran up at the beginning of ownership!

The only trouble with renting space in another's salon is that you won't have clientel at the beginning unless you're already making contacts right now. Whether you've made any money or not, the rent still goes on. Once again, you need some fall back money to help thru the lean times.

You may have a job you hate right now, but it's still a JOB that's bringing in money. Make your plans accordingly, you'll need about 3 months worth of operating expenses on hand before you start. Plus there's all the extra supplies you'll need to buy. I know I sound defeatist, but truly, I just want you know what you're facing so you can be prepared to succeed.
I can tell you that I worked a year doing booth rental and really didn't pay myself that year - I spent all my profit on continuing ed, more supplies, more equipment, marketing, and then the money to build out my own shop for cash. The second year I opened my own studio and sank most of my profit back into the business, expanding my displays, inventory, and upgrading and investing in more product. I'm happy to be paying myself the lovely hourly rate of $9.07/hr (WA minimum wage) this year.

I'm very happy with what I do, and I've made the choice to invest in my business rather than paying myself more up front - and I truly believe that if I hadn't invested my shop wouldn't be doing as well as it is! Moral of the story... for the first several years you will earn far more as an employee or booth renter! Good luck with whatever you decide.
Thank you ladies. In NJ there is a NO BOOTH RENTAL law though. So I'd have to be employed by a salon which means I'm at the heels of an employer anyway. I really want to open a salon because I know of a great location that has thousands of commuters daily. I want to do something for my community by offering a sanitary salon and educating people about nails and hair removal. I almost feel like its a moral obligation Angel.I don't really have a desire to do nails all day, but I don't mind doing a few a day. I'm really interested in performing hair removal which run hand and hand.
I do appreciate all suggestions and try to take what I can from each!