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Full Version: Do You Educate Your Clients?
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Hi all:
I am working on my latest article for NAILPRO magazine and am in need of some sources!

The article is about how clients these days are more savvy than they used to be, especially during a time when there are SO MANY exciting products and services out there.

The description of the article is:

Clients these days are extremely savvy. But this can also be misleading. They’ve heard a lot about cleanliness in the salon and trendy services, like soak-off gels, but how much do they really know? Your job as a nail professional is not just to learn the ins and outs of the products, but it’s also to educate your clients about what you do know. For example, some clients think that bringing their own tools to the salon, or leaving their tools in a box at the salon is the best way to ensure clean implements (not the case if no one’s cleaning them between uses). And when it comes to soak-off gels, they may love how they wear but I guarantee more often than not, they have NO idea how to get them off (and what happens if they don’t come back to you to do it). These are just two examples of services where clients can be confused. Include these plus any others that you think clients could use some education from their tech.

SO, I'm looking for nail salon owners and nail techs who would be willing to answer some questions for me. Please email me at [email protected] if you consider yourself to be the type of provider who thinks it's important to have knowledgeable clients, and tell me your name, title, salon, and city/state.

I will get back to you with my questions within a day or two; please note that I will need all answers back to me by Monday 2/27.


Melisa Wells
Freelance Writer, NAILPRO Magazine