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Full Version: I quit my day job!
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It has been a while since I have been active in this group so I appreciate your indulgence of me while I ask for some advice.

For years I have divided my time between a day job in a medical office and nails evening and weekends. Last year I got married and quit nails to spend more time with my hubby. I then changed office jobs to go work with a wonderful doctor that I'm friends with. The staff treated me like the enemy the moment that I walked thru the door. My job was to work up patients and assist the doctors as well as manage the patient flow. The front desk lady seemed to struggle with her job and I was always having to ask if patients were in because she would forget them and leave them waiting for hours, she would work in patients and not tell me or the doctors. I tried very hard to help her and was nothing but nice to her. Last monday she got angry when I asked her about a work in and cussed me and one of the doctors out in front of patients then said she quit and walked out. All day the rest of the staff treated me like it was my fault she quit. The doctor who owns the practice called her and begged her to come back so I quit. I could not handle working with her and the rest of the staff any more.

Now I am trying to decide what to do: should I find another office job where I will be well paid but miserable or should I take the chance and do nails full time? I have only done natural nails for the last 5+ years. I want to learn gel polish and return to doing nail art. I guess I'm just looking for some advice, some words of encouragement. Thanks for listening!
WTG! Congrats!
Thanks its scary but very liberating!
I am about 45 miles east of you, Summer. I just returned to work and loved my first week back. I had to leave the business for medical reasons for a while. I left for about a year once before to sew again- hated it. There is a calling for natural nails in our area. I found gel polish to be easy and watched videos online. I have not had any problems with what I have tried- Gelish, GIA by Nailite and Gella. They all work pretty much the same and last wonderfully.
I just had my 60th birthday last Saturday. There is nothing I want to do mare than nails. If you feel that way, work and build your clients. Like anything there may be hard times, but don't give up. I have decided for what time I have left, I am going to do what I love and want to do. Life is so precious and short to be unhappy. Great luck!


I think you answered your own question. Do you want to be miserable or be happy? You said Happy, even making less at first. So that's what you should do. If your able to afford to get into nails full time, jump and never look back. If not, then supplement your nail career with something else that is part time. Something to take the pressure of finances off your back while you spend most of the time focusing on building your nail business. You can do this and you will be much less stressed in the end.
Thank you all so much for the encouragement!

You are right tn nail lady none of us know how long we have left here and we should do what makes us happy if we can!

Thanks sobeit I had not even thought about a part time job that might be the right direction.

I'm so glad I looked this group up again, it is really nice to have so much positive energy and encouragement coming my way!!!
Doing nails ,at least from my own experience ,is like getting paid for something you love to do ,and you will almost never wake up dredding that you have to go to work. I only started doing nails until I could make up my mind what college degree I wanted to pursue....that was in 1987...
Do Nails and be happy! Smile, welcome back.
Hello Summer. I've been a licensed nail tech since 1989. I've supplemented my income thru the years with different jobs. From 1994 to 1997 I was a cop. I quit that and rented a table in a salon until 2004 when I opened my own nail shop. Unfortunately I had to close it in 2008 because of health reasons, and I became an insurance adjuster. Now, four years later, I'm ready to do nails again. Nails have always been my first love. When you truly have a passion to do something and get paid for it and it makes you happy, you can't ask for anything else. If it's one thing I've learned in my life, when you dread getting ready to go to work, it's time to move on.

You made the right decision. Dust off your books, review whatever materials you can find on print and on line and no matter what, have fun. Find you specialty service and market it. God bless
Thanks for the encouragement guys! I guess I now have the task of finding a place to go. I don't know if the last salon I was at has room for me they have 2 new stylists who are doing nails and hair. I'll keep you posted!