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Full Version: my client made a mess of her nails
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About 16 days ago, my client had no showed for her 9 am, then appeared on my books two days later for a fill. When she came in, she had picked off her acrylics and informed me she wanted to get Shellac put on.

Her nails were weak even before the acrylic and I had already told her she may not be a good candidate for a sogp service. She insisted so I used harmony structure, base, color, top and finished off with letting her know her nails were weaker due to her removal method. I informed her this service may not hold up for her.

Today she comes in and says her sogp service lasted exactly 14 days. She used a sponge in a bottle remover product to take off (some of the sogp) but got bored and picked the rest off while watching tv.

Okay, so I'm listening to her story as I'm washing my hands and when I finallly look at her nails, I'm like - what is this stuff in your cuticles? She tells me she bought a kit from the grocery store that was a gel and glue type polish kit and did her own nails. Dodgy

She had a glue polish mixture all around/up in her cuticles, her skin was picked at and her nails plates were a mess.

Mind you, she had an important showing (shes a realtor) this afternoon - and needed her hands to look good.............

I did a soak off the proper way, good prep again, structure and sogp.

I told her not to pick her nails off, throw that spongy thing away along with that grocery gel kit. I told because her nails are weaker now than before, she needed to let me care for them properly.
Who knows if she will listen.

Let me be the first to say I was wrong when I thought that those DIY kits would cut into my business. With the mess she made out of her hands, I'm assured other DIY'ers will do the same and get to a salon quickly to have their nails done professionally.

You've got a lot more patience that I believe I would have had.....kudos to you!


I have a picker. I have reprimanded her nicely and sternly about the damage she is doing ripping her acrylics off. They have been almost purple in the nail plate she removed so many layers. I know that has to hurt, so why do they do it?
I hate it when they argue and claim they never touched them, "they just fell off"
esp when you see them picking the pieces off with their teeth while sitting at the nail station... "get your fingers out of your mouth"* (it's a silly person quirk, really turns me off handling saliva drenched finger tips)
Client "They're not IN my mouth"
uh huh.....

Should have taken a minor in psychology

Sobeit agree, make it be about their nails, their health, I am worried that when you pick off the product you take some nail with it each time and... when you put your fingers in your mouth you are effectively licking everything you have touched since you last scrubbed your hands thoroughly for 10 minutes with antiseptic soap.....

it really doesn't work but sounds nicer than "get your hands out of your mouth"

* I don't really say it like that
that word was supposed to be "personal"

how do you edit a post on the new format?