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Full Version: click THIS... win STUFF
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click THIS.. win STUFF
who doesn't like free stuff??
Register to win exciting STUFF every 2 weeks at
Here is your big chance to win exciting prizes, new products, maybe even that one item you have been drooling over for some time!

Premium Nails Professional Kit
Value $206.25
Courtesy of Premium Nails
Deadline for entry: February 10, 2012 midnight EST

Did you WIN STUFF?
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"We wanted to provide our loyal visitors a great way to show our appreciation for their continue support.", said Debbie Doerrlamm ( ) webmaster of for over 16 years. "As a technician myself, I know how much we all love new toys and bling! We could shop 'til our piggy banks were empty, but getting free stuff in the mail is a MUCH better idea! We love giving away free stuff, probably just as much as you like getting free stuff - even if it is someone else's STUFF we are giving away!"

Every 2 weeks, a new STUFF prize offer will be posted to the web site. visitors may enter once during each 2 week STUFF offering. Check the calendar on the STUFF page to see what new STUFF will be offered for the contest in the upcoming weeks. If you use Google Calendars, one click will add the future offer to your calendar so you will not forget to enter!

It isn't always about winning..

Entering a contest and winning is always cool! It's also about fun even if your odds at times seem slim. Whether the prize is big or small, it's exciting to wait and see if you won! Seeing your name listed on a web site as THE WINNER can brighten up your day, week or even year!

The beauty of winning something free is that you are getting an item that maybe you didn't think you needed or would love - only to find out you absolutely love it! A new acrylic sample, brush set or e-file bit can quickly become a hit for you and your clients. It may not be a million dollars or a new car but it doesn't matter, you won! The possibility, that potential for something amazing to be just around the corner is one of the best parts of entering contests.

Upcoming click THIS.. win STUFF schedule
Display Rack with 1 Dozen pair Pedi-Sox Pedicure Socks
Value $65.00
Courtesy of The Original Pedi-Sox
Deadline for entry: February 24, 2012 midnight EST
UV Top Gel No Cleanse Sealer + Clear Gel Soak Off
Retail Value $35.00
Courtesy of Forever French Nail Systems
Deadline for entry: March 9, 2012 midnight EST
CinaPro Nail Creations Kits - City Lights, Best Friends, Tutti Fruitti, 4 Cina Art Pens
Value $42.97
Courtesy of
Deadline for entry: March 23, 2012 midnight EST
Premium Nails Deluxe Salon Intro Bag
Value $71.49
Courtesy of Premium Nails
Deadline for entry: April 6, 2012 midnight EST
Pro-Kit Acrylic
Value $89.50
Courtesy of Tres Chic Nails
Deadline for entry: April 20, 2012 midnight EST
CinaPro Nail Creations Kits - Glitter Garden, Crowned Jewels, Cabaret, Morning Glories
Value $23.98
Courtesy of
Deadline for entry: May 4, 2012 midnight EST
Tammy Taylor 3-D Nail Art & Design Kit
Value $171.10
Courtesy of Tammy Taylor Nails
Deadline for entry: May 18, 2011 midnight EST
NSI Polish Pro Color Collection
Value $89.70
Courtesy of NSI Nails
Deadline for entry: June 1, 2012 midnight EST

Register NOW to win exciting STUFF every 2 weeks at
(Certain conditions apply, please see the web site for rules)

Who Doesn't Like Free Stuff?