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Full Version: Business Question, opinions please!!
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This may be long, but I will try to make it as short as possible.
The last week of December I got back into the industry and hopped right into booth renting with no clientelle. So, far it is fine, I am at least making my booth rent which was my starting goal. I have another full time job in retail so I can pay the bills incase I have an extra slow week.
Here is a list of my concerns:
#1 The owner of the salon I am working at wants me to only do acrylic after 7p.m. or on Sundas when nobody is there because the clients and the stylists cant handle the smell. This is all well and dancy, but I work retail like I said, so a lot of my shifts are either from 5:30-2:00pm or 1-930pm. If im off at 2 and can only book one or 2 clients and they just happen to want acrylics, it is exremely hard on me to wait until after 7, and not to mention i am still quite slow because I am a tad out of practice so I could really only fit ONE of those 2 clients in.
#2 Problem. The lighting is HORRIBLE. She has said shes going to work on the lighting but in the 6 weeks ive been there, so far nothing. This to me should be a priority if she is expecting me to work in the evenings.
#3 She doesnt have a real pedicure spa chair. This is again, all fine and dandy, except its nearly inmpossible to schedule pedicures back to back because the spa that she did get, I have to drag a hose over to the bowl to fill it and attach another hose to drain it into the wall behind the chair. To me this looks INCREDIBLY unprofessional and I would prefer not to do it in front of clients.

I went into a salon behind my house last night (location=awesome already)
First of all, it is 3 sisters who just got out of beauty school in May of 2011. They had the finances to open their own salon right away so they have technically been open since November. Since I live right there I drive by everyday and have noticed them bring out tents and really try to promote their salon. The current owner at the salon im at right now is already very well established so marketing is all on me, which ive been successful at so far but the extra boost from a new business is sort of exciting.
My problem here though is, since they are fresh out of cosmo school, I have no idea what their skills are like... of theyre even good at doing hair.... They go to a lot of educational shows in Vegas (we are n Colorado) so they definitely sound like they are very willing to learn and everything. Since this is a new business for them without coming into it with clientelle I also wonder how long they will be staying in business......

Aagh, im so sorry this is so long. I just am in SUCH a dilemma right now.'

Now my last concern is $$$> In my current salon, I am part time. The minimum booth rental is $75 ($25 per day). This is fine as I have been working at least 3 days there, but lately I have actually been working 5. This being said, 2 days ill be booked with several clients. the other 3 days I may only have 1 clients so im in and out. Reason? I have another job... so now she is wanting to charge me for an entire day if I come in for just one clients... which is basically ne working for free because a lot of my services are in the $20-$25 range right now.

Any opinions would be so so so helpful and I very much appreciate it to anyone who has taken the time to read this!!!
Your current salon has too many challenges and booth rent cannot be on a per client basis; either you schedule clients on just 3 days or pay for 5. Just making booth rent does not pay the bills.

When a salon doesn't function for you, you need to move to another salon. At the new salon you described, all that excitement will be attracting new clients to you as well. New licensees can be even more talented than "dinosaurs," so don't discount their skills. The fact that they attend shows is promising.

To avoid any issues over odors, I encourage you to master gel products.
I agree with Jaime. You are in a place in your nail career you need a salon that can be flexible for you. Doesnt sound like the current one is. Sometimes it takes awhile to find the right fit. I would be looking around, Any salon you go to will have challenges, you just need to find one that you can live with the challenges that come with it.

Stop by the salon with the sister's and have a visit. You are noticing them, so I bet alot of others are too. Don't be afraid to look around to 3 or 4 more salons and inquire, then make a choice.

And always have enough confidence to state your needs and explain where you are in your career and your goals and ask to have your needs met on your level with a time schedule in line that works for both of you.

Good luck and grow quickly!


I cannot comprehend a salon owner renting to a nail technician and then after the fact tell the renting tech that they must change their business to accommodate the stylists who don't like the smell of acrylic. For me that should have been in the lease. The you would have known they don't want the odor and you could offer the services accordingly or made the choice not to rent there.
I cannot stand the smell of perms and some colors, nor the smell of some of the lunch being heated up. Maybe I should tell my coworkers not to use that crap while I am in the salon. LOL just my ranting with you. And hair artists? Since when does your product smell great all day? It doesn't. Monomer dissipates so fast but you can smell a perm all day.
The lighting? I am not sure if you mean for safety or for working view, if its for your table, as a renter just go get a lamp you like. Then you own it and it leaves when you do. Same for the pedicures. I rent from a place with No place to do pedicures let alone a plumbed in unit, so I bought and use my own foot-spa with my own chairs. I actually provide every single piece of furniture but the table as it was there for my use. So in some cases its up to you as your own boss to provide everything you need to work. Including pedicure tubs. Unless the salon is offering them as part of your rent.
I like the idea of working closer and with people who seem to want to promote their business. It may be time for a move, even if you just got into the other shop. I don't think there is a time frame on leaving for happiness and money. As long as the lease will let you out, I would do it.


Quote:I cannot comprehend a salon owner renting to a nail technician and then after the fact tell the renting tech that they must change their business to accommodate the stylists who don't like the smell of acrylic. For me that should have been in the lease. The you would have known they don't want the odor and you could offer the services accordingly or made the choice not to rent there.

I completely agree with sobeit. I had the same situation go on in the salon I was booth renting in. It was very similar to the one you have (except the owner told me I HAD to have acrylic and the stylists themselves told me that I wasn't allowed).

From what I can see you should find another salon. Don't discourage new blood as being talentless. Some brand new people are wonderfully talented, and as everyone else has said, continuing education is a great sign. If you think this newer shop would be a better fit for you I would jump on it. You could benefit from each other Smile
I am going to just throw this out there for whatever it's worth. Be careful when going to work for a family owned business. I've been in this situation twice and it can be a sticky situation at times. I'm not saying not to do it, but maybe just sit down with the sisters and try to get the feel of the family dynamics before you jump in with both feet. I hope that whatever you do works out for you!
Thank you all for your replies. I did endup leaving. I did my last appointment on Monday, paid my full weeks rent and left Wednesday morning. I worked Wednesday at the new Salon and its just so muchbtter all around. Im very happy with my decision Smile
If it's a true booth rental situation - the owner can't tell you what hours to work. You must be very frustrated.

I would seriously sit down and talk to the other salon and see what it would offer you.

Good Luck.