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Full Version: Toenail Question
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Hello Beautytech friends! I have a question, about my own toe no less...So this winter my toes have been naked, no polish, just a little solar oil and cuticle work when needed. Tonight after getting out of the shower I was pushing back my cuticles and noticed that on my big toe on one foot, my nail appears to be lifted off the bed about halfway down on one side. I have no signs of fungus, discoloration, or anything else, however, my toenails were a bit longer than I like to keep them for a while (lack of time to mess with them) and in one pair of boots I have that I wear all the time, my toe seems to rub on the front of the boot. I imagine it's because they are slightly too big for me, so my toes smack into the front. My question is, could what I'm seeing be due to some type of injury? It isn't sensitive or anything like that, but I am concerned just in case.

Thank you for any help you ladies may be able to offer! It's much appreciated!
I'm sure it is, you've described a common toe nail problem that lots of runners have. To be sure you'd need to see a Dr. With the toenail being thick and rigid, that's a lot of pressure being placed on it when it repeatedly hit from the front edge. Something's got to give somewhere!
That's exactly what is happening, it's repeated trauma that's causing the toenail to separate from the nail bed. I'd start using tea tree oil to help prevent problems in case moisture would get trapped underneath the toenail and keep the toenail trimmed.
Thank you so much for your replies ladies! I cut them back last night as far as I could, and still be comfortable. I'll have to check into the tea tree oil, I'm not sure where to find that! Thanks again for your help! Smile
You can use YN Thymol antiseptic under the nail (daily after your shower) -- our cost is only 4.95 for a bottle that lasts forever -- that will keep it dry and problem free and encourage the nail plate to re-attach. My DH had a toenail that was 90% unattached for years from dropping an air conditioner on his foot, and after about 10 months using this stuff, his toenail is now reattached! I've had many clients use it with good results as well.
We have specific running shops and Road Runner is one of them. The employees are trained to fit you into proper fitted shoes. All of the shoes are mesh and once they analyze your foot they will tell you what category your foot is. Once they tell you what category you pick a shoe. Just a suggestion.Good luck!
It seems as if you have Onycholysis, which is the separation of the nail plate from the nail bed without falling off. If your shoes do not fit properly, then your toenail rubbing against the shoe would be the issue.

You did the right thing in cutting your toe nail. Just be sure it keep the nail short and rounded on the edges.
Thanks again for your replies guys! I appreciate the time you took to answer! I feel better knowing that it's not a horrible problem, and I'll be keeping it short and dry until it reattaches, thanks also for the recommendations on the shoes! Unfortunately, my day job requires "fashion" shoes, and tennis shoes do not fit that description! But I will keep the shoe suggestion in mind! Thanks again!
i had that because of a pair of sneakers
even bleeded a bit under
then some other times because of shoes pressing on my toe nail no blood this time
there was no fungus or anything
it s nothing but takes a while to grow back to normal
anyway if you have doubts show it to a doctor
Some of this info applies directly, some a little off topic.. but I just added much conversation about pincher (causes "doming" and lifting off the plate at the hyponicyum) and ingrowns to the articles area here..

How do I handle pinchers and ingrowns?

In your case, yes too long = injury - I belive some of my issues were also caused from a combination of too long and wearing sneaker "mules" (backless like clogs) and the nails banging on the front of the show constantly.

So keeping them short, put acrylic on the ones that you are having issues with, keep them straight across for now, just rounding the corners so you don't have sharp edges and I bet in 6-9 months you will see a dramatic improvement Smile