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Full Version: Nail Desks
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I am getting a nail desk made and I need some inspiration. Does anyone have any inspiring nail desk pictures????
Here's a pic of the nail table I had made for me last year. I love it and the only thing I would change is maybe not have the center drawer - I use it but I think my clients would like more leg room, and I wish all the drawers had locks.

[Image: IMG_1107.jpg]

one thing I would suggest no matter what table you end up with is deal with the dust issue. I personally have a very pricy table but the dust extracts out of the breathing zone and out into attack space.
Thanks Colleen for the picture. I have to side drawer units and am thinking of just making a kidney shaped desk top. I also plan on putting in a vent using a kayline dust vent that I have. My husband is going to take apart the kayline and sink it into the desk top. I have a table top dust extractor but I don't like how it sits so I take it off everytime I am done I take it off my desk. at my old place of employment we had the purex desks from the UK but they are just too expensive to have shipped over hear but they were awesome.