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Full Version: IBS NY
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HI ladies,

I just took and passed state boars practical and theory, yeah! I'm so relieved my temp license is about to expire in 3 weeks talk about waiting to the end.

Anyways I wanted to reach out to any tects in lehigh valley PA or NJ that is planning to attend the NYC IBS I'm looking to meet near by techs and go to the show together, I will drive.

Over the years I have tried my best to gather techs at the IBS NY show, but somehow it just never works out! One idea you can consider is the networking event I hold out on Long Island in August (hot as blazes I know but the hotel is air conditioned!) Its really an easy ride from Manhattan on the train.
Check this link for more information:
Network Events
Thanks Debbie,

I so plan on attending this coming August.

Great! I hope to have new info up in 2-3 weeks.. I have a meeting on Monday with the 2 girls who will be helping then taking over the event (I'm moving to VA). When we get closer you remind me, maybe I can hook you up with someone also coming from PA nd you can share a ride Smile