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Full Version: Best Nail Art Sites?
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Aside from this one... I'm looking for nail art sites. I'm always looking for inspiration and I have clients wanting nail art with nail pens and such - no just decals.
Where you you ladies get your ideas from? Is there some great sites out there? I see a lot of really unprofessional things on youtube Sad
There is a lot of nail art on Nail's magazine site! check it out!
My bff is constantly sending me nailart pics from Instagram!
There are so many on youtube also! If you haven't seen Robin Moses on youtube, check her out. Her nail art is awesome.
i can suggest u nail art tutorials site:
moreover u can visit its youtube channel for videos on nail art
I have found several on Face Book. One I really like is a Russian page (at least I think it is Russian), called Nail Art Formazione. They post pictures of the finished work along with tutorials. Their work is beautiful. Here's the link. , they have a good course in dvd, and good ideas...
Instsgram Facebook - tons of ppl to follow- just search nails nail art gel nails acrylic nails etc..... next thing you know - you will b bombarded with pics!
I, as well as many of my clients look to Pinterest for nail art inspiration. has an Instagram and a blog! They're mainly Japanese nail art inspired so that'd be one aspect
Check out my nail art 2015 "Maya's_nails" on youtube
(01-15-2012, 11:32 PM)newbietechy Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks!!

I always look for inspiration on youtube or instagram too. Of course Youtube is better, because you can see how to do it step by step.
There is also Pinterest! I continually find inspiration there and have pinned tons and tons of super cute fingernails and toenails to potentially use on a client in the future.