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Full Version: Nailite reviews please
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So i was checking their site out today and some of the SOGP is on sale for 2.99. With that price ill probably order a couple just to try, but if anyone has any feedback about it that would be awesome and if you having any reviews of their regualr polish also with it being so nicely price i would hate to not buy some lol

Thanks again nail techys
I have several of the SOGPs and like them. Always had good luck with other orders in the past. They are awesome about sharing samples, too.
I don't think the ones they have on sale for $2.99 are the soak off ones.....?
Thanks for the info. I really wish someone had a review on their regular polish b/c it is priced great. I guess it wont hurt to order some and try them out. ill let you know the # and what i think when i get some. thanks again nail techs.
The regular polish is great. You will not be disappointed
Thank you Debbie
their sogp is way way thicker than shellac