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Full Version: Can anyone tell me a bit about ONS (Odyssey Nails Systems)?
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I've seen this product cropping up in a few places and know very little about it.

Does anyone in here use it?

If so, what can you tell me about it?

Thanks Big Grin
Ive used Odyssey and like it. I have several of there colored glitter powders. Their VIP collection is good.
They have new sets of colored powders, but do not have them up on their website. I emailed them twice about their new collections, have not heard back from them, however they are very busy.

I have 2 of their brushes and love love them.

I saw some pics on FB from a tech that had used the new odyssey colored powders from their new sets, they were beautiful.

Im hoping they will get their new sets on their website soon.
Good colored glitter acrylics but HARD TO FIND replacements for colors that I'm out of or that are getting low. I originally bought them in Florida at the Premiere Show. Their website doesn't help much at all. Contacted them twice with no results.
Thanks for your replies, ladies.

I agree regarding the website. It doesn't tell me much which is why I thought I'd ask in here. Australia has a distributor but I was looking for information on the actual products which they don't appear to have much on.

I note that for their curing lamp they sell a cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCF) which they advertise as being 'dual LED' when it's actually one spiral CCF bulb *lol* LED is totally different technology so I'm scratching my head on that one. There's no way I'm paying $600 for it anyway.

Do either of you know whether their product will cure properly under a 'normal' UV lamp? I did inquire here but have had a mixed response.
Sorry, don't know. I only have used their acrylic.
I contacted them on Facebook as well. Still no response. I give up. Why have a company if you cant reply to people who are interested in buying your products?
I haven't used their acrylic, but I use their nail forms and have to say that I absolutely love them! They are so easy to use, are really sticky and stay put. I have tried many others and these are by far my favorite!
Those nail forms are great aren't they.

I know Viv Simmonds is a distributor of ONS in Australia, not sure if that's who you contacted.
Colleen, i completely agree with you. Ive been trying to get info from them about their new collections since it was at the show.

My last email from them regarding their new collections to me was, we will get back with you.

They also have oodles and oodles of nail art in theiir wharehouse that not been listed for sale.

It is sad because they could be making a boat load of $ if they listed everything on their site for sale. I do like the powders Ive got from them but I really want a few of their new collections.

I am going to email them again and let them know there are other nail techs interested in products they do not have listed for sale.
Quote:I know Viv Simmonds is a distributor of ONS in Australia, not sure if that's who you contacted.

No, I didn't contact her but have looked at her site and have spoken to one of her educators and she was quite vague. I later sent her an email but she hasn't gotten back to me. I was trying to get some information on the actual product (eg. what's the difference between VIP acrylic and your Advanced? Or your iGel v New Era?) What I did manage to find out though was the prices and, wow, they're a bit on the expensive side. Sad

From what I saw, 30ml of gel was $85. And their builder gel was $100 for the same size. Their acrylic brush was like $130. Eek!

Dreamweaver, did you find those prices where you are or they yet another example of how Australian prices are massively bumped up? I can't believe I've come across a product that is more expensive than CND and I've never heard of it! *lol*

Toothypegs, If you go to their website they have some colored acrylic collections for sale, Everything I purchased was from their website, the brush was either 30 or 35. I don't remember exactly what I paid for the powders but they were not expensive.

I just went to their website, they now have the new colored powders/glitters collections listed, but can't click on any of them to see colors or to order.

After u go to their site, click on where it says colored acrylic on the screen, not over on the left side. That will bring up the new collections, but no way to get a closer look or to order.
I am going to email them since they now have them on their site.
(01-19-2012, 09:14 AM)Toothypegs Wrote: [ -> ]What I did manage to find out though was the prices and, wow, they're a bit on the expensive side. Sad

From what I saw, 30ml of gel was $85. And their builder gel was $100 for the same size. Their acrylic brush was like $130. Eek!

I agree, for those of us who don't live in the USA, it's an expensive choice. Nice products though.
Quote:for those of us who don't live in the USA, it's an expensive choice

And I hate quibbling on price, I really do. But for those of us who are starting out or who have a few clients, price really does have a huge impact on what you can and can't do.

I'm still no more clued in about ONS than I was when I started this thread as the information seems to be light on all 'round but the price has now put me off so thanks for all the replies, really appreciate it. I'll stick with what I have.
I couldnt imagine what you all are going thru to get your products. I would be seething and spitting like a mad viper and just choose a company that is easy to contact. Wowzers, Im so confused about a company that behaves that way. I never would put my eggs in that basket. But that's just me. Doesnt matter how amazing the product is or how pretty if you cant get it or get help with it once you spent all your money on it.
I'll take the company where when I called the CEO actually answerd the phone, and a nother time he spent over an hour on the phone with me with my probs that werent even related to thier company.
I'm sorry that you all went thru this. I clicked on this link cause I was curoius about ONS. And now I know to stay away!
ONS had a product that I was interested in a while ago , but there is no easy way to contact them for a simple question, so I gave up.
As a potential client myself, I am sorry for their loss.

I haven’t been on this forum for a long while and this post just caught my eye while I was browsing through, so I might just give you some answers you need. I educate with their products and also love using them for a reason !

Odyssey has been around for 12 years, originated from the USA but they have been focusing their business overseas largely in Europe and Asia. They have a huge following amongst nail competitors, nail artists and educators, as the owner Trang Nguyen is a world champion competitor/educator himself. They are one of the biggest supplier to nail schools in the US, Korea, Japan & Southeast Asia, so they haven’t been allocating enough resources to the nail salons but this is going to change.

Their acrylic products are divided into 2 range : Original are designed for Students (slow set), Advanced/Competition (faster setting) and VIP (custom/different setting time) are for the salon and competitors. I personally love the VIP range.

For the Gels : Evoke Traditional is designed for students and salon. The price is cheaper and it is user friendly like most traditional gels. The NEW ERA is designed for competition, it is super white and the clear will hold the pinch(c-curve) and it looks and files like acrylic. So naturally this product is more expensive because it is designed for higher performance. Both range are hard gels(file off type).

The ONE Gel Art is designed for the nail artist. Think gel colors that works like paint, doesn’t run, doesn’t need to flashcure between drawing/painting. It is not soakable.
I.Gel is the new soakable gel polish with the ability to draw / create nail art without colors running or bleeding into one another. This is created for the salon.
I hope this helps to answer some of your questions, I will definitely highlight the issues and your valuable feedback to the company. Meanwhile, I hope you will finally get to try it at some point !

All the best,
Catherine Wong