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Full Version: nail art pic
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You can see how these nails were painted with the art pen if you go to my utube channel.
If you would like to see more info and pics you may also go to my fb page, or email me [email protected]
Rather than dip the point of the pen into the paint/ink, you need to dip the pen entirely into it so the pen's well fills up and then you will not need to redip as much as you do in the tutorial.

That flower should not require a redip at all and could be done in one execution. This is why a nibbed pen is so good for nail art as it negates the need for constant redipping.
Correct. you do not need to re dip all the time. I just do that when I am thinking. The art pen has a round area on the large nib that holds paint. just dip up to there,wipe off excess.and draw.
I give lots of ideas on my utube channel in other videos. But I would practice making lines on paper and get the feel of the pens flow.
Quote:The art pen has a round area on the large nib that holds paint.

Yes, it's called a well.

Quote:But I would practice making lines on paper and get the feel of the pens flow.

The flow of ink on an acrylic/gel surface compared to paper is quite different due to the difference in surface texture. Ink needs to be thinner for use on paper than it does on the nail. To exact the flow on a nail simply practise on a nail tip that you've prepped. A nail trainer is brilliant for this type of exercise.
Hi Tess:

Thanks for the videos! I had a chance to practice quite a bit last night with my new pen, and I am enjoying it. I appreciate the different ideas you've given!

Big Grin
You are welcome Kristi! Feel free to copy any of those designs I sent you. Feel free to elaborate on them and make them your own. And remember,there are bo rules. Just have fun with your art pen!
If you use tips to practice on you can use water or alcohol to remove any mistakes. I like to do my drawings on paper so I can refer to them later. Drawing on paper is different then drawing on a nail. The nail has a slicker arched surface. I only show my clients the designs I know I can do on the nail itself. I never show them anything that I haven't practiced first. I have a folder of ideas, And a folder for my clients to see. I can show them to my clients and then we talk about colors,glitter,etc. They always seem to take on a life of their own once you use paint on the nails. Practicing on paper is what I like to do on the work sheet I gave you. You can make copies and then laminate them. I use the art pen right on top of the laminated surface. You can draw something in black and then fill it in with colored paints. If you color between the lines your design is already outlined. Pretty cool, huh? I know exactly what my client wants,because they just point to the nail they like the best.
I find that it saves me time. I started doing this because it takes so long to get a finished sample made to put on display. I'm just too busy. They pick a color and I add the art. I just keep their color choice in mind while designing their nails.
Nacamsstaff, Thanks you. I'm not so good at making videos yet. But I wanted to share this awesome art pen with everyone because I like it so much. I've never had so much fun. I'm not the best. I'm just having fun. There are no rules. Just go for it. If you have any questions feel free to email me [email protected]