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Full Version: Help! I can't make the foil work...
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I am wanting to add the nail foils to my arsenal of nail art options, but I am having trouble.
I got Kami adhesive and foil, but I am having trouble. It doesnt work.... I apply it, and let it dry... and then rub the foil (dull side down) on the adhesive, but nothing sticks... I don't know what I am doing wrong... it is the foil, or the adhesive, or me?!

Any advice you have would be awesome!
I think your suppose to use the shiney side down...Whatever the pattern, color, etc., is to be facing down, to my knowledge. I've only used a couple of times, but not that brand.....just the ones from dollar nail art. HTH.
I also have the ones from nail art, and it's the dull part who goes face down, I have read that works better if you remove the dull (brownish coat) with polish remover before rub down, I did both ways and worked fine.

Have you tried the technique that Holly uses with shellac?, maybe yours will work better that way.

You are right Park Nails!!! See! I've only used like twice and I couldn't remember!!!! lol! Dedee, maybe your glue application is "too thin"??? I'm just throwing stuff out there for you... :wink:
It is definitely the dull side down, if there's a brown backing, that's the side that goes against the nail. Maybe you have a bad batch of adhesive?
If you put a thin layer of gel down, cure, the foil can be stuck to the inhabation layer with no troubles. I do this instead of using the adhesive,
ugh... I have tried thinner adhesive, thicker adhesive, using the inhibition layer from gel, as well as shellac... and NOTHING.... I wonder if its the foil that's the problem (or it's just me LOL). What brand of foil do you all use, and where do you get it?
i use "best glue ever" available at found this works great, got the tip from robin moses' tutorials on youtube. really great with foils and glitters.