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Full Version: House Bill 1006 - Eliminate all Licensing Indiana
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(01-12-2012, 08:24 AM)dianabonn Wrote: [ -> ]To obtain a license to do hair, it is over 10,000 dollars. I do not see them doing this. Maybe 1 or 2 schools, but that is it.

I would see people going to private manufacturer classes and learn. And now we have the internet and you tube.

No, no one would require anything. they aren't going to pay thousands of dollars.

Just ask everyone on these forums what they think of the schools. diana from indiana

I couldn't agree with you more Diana! I am still paying student loans for a career that I absolutely love. However the mere thought that anyone ANYONE can just pick up some color an and slap it on a client without any knowledge of color theory is so scary. I can't even begin to tell you the number of clients that have sat in my chair that "learned " form youtube and need it fixed by a LICENSED professional who payed thousands of dollars to earn the right to charge for that service! This would be a disaster and a slap in the face to our industry and those of us that abide by our state board laws because we are proud of said industry and will not risk losing the license that allows us to pay our bills while doing what we love. Oh and the distributors and the nightmare that will create. I only hope that this does not happen to you there and that other states will not follow!
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