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Full Version: looking for fast setting pink powder
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I've been using YN liquid and powder for several years. For some reason after i've done my fill on my clients and ready to file the acrylic is not set enough to start filing.
Im not sure why this is happening, but its happened on more than 1 client. This has been going on for maybe the last 4-6 months,

I am looking for a light to full coverage pink that is see through and shiny. I hope that made sense.

But most importantly I need it to be fast setting.

Before I used YN I used creative retention, I don't want to go back to cnd.

What are u all using for a fast setting pink powder?
I love Young Nail, but have the same problem. The white does fine because by the time I am ready to do the pink, the white is already set. I used to use Premium Nails powders and they set REALLY fast. So, I now I custom mix my pink powder 4 parts YN powder to 1 part Premium Nails. Premium has good pink pigment and is translucent. I know you aren't suppose to mix product lines, but it works for me.
I love TT for fast setting. I can apply the pink to the right hand and go to file as soon as the left is applied. you'd probably like her "clear pink" if you want see through and shiny. For more coverage I like the true pink. It's also half the price of CND per ounce.
Thanks ladies, I will look at TT pink powders.

Who sells premium products?

I forgot to mention I've used OPI's competition, it does set fast, I just don't like OPI, esp. in the cold months.
Try our Superior Acrylic Line! I think you'll be pleased! Call the office and request a sample! 800-222-4472
Thanks Mare. I will call today.
I have to send out a huge THANK U to Lisa from Nailite. She sent me a sample of their fast setting superior clear powder.

I use pink powders on nail beds, so I just added some clear superior powder to my YN pink powders, shook them up and applied.

When I was done applying acrylic to the last nail the first nail I started with was set and ready to file. I will be ordering some pink colors.

I used YN liquid, I didn't realize the polish bottle was monomer until i was done.

Thanks so much Lisa, NAILITE ROCKS! Ive been ordering from nailite for over 5 -6 years and have never had a problem, they have the best customer service u could ask for!

Thank u!
Were you using YN's Core or Speed L&P??
Have you try Tammy Taylor... for some reasons both P & W powder arr dry very quick (my opinion) . I have to work fast on those.
NSI is fantastic and sets fast (unless it is cold, southern Alberta winter sucks). If you get ahold of NSI they will usually send you free samples. I have been using it for 3 years and it has been consistent the whole time.
I have not tried TT yet.

I use YN speed.

I also need to thank Mare, for replying to me here on BT.

Ive never used NSI acrylic, but do have some of their gel polishes and love them.

Thank u ladies.