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Full Version: Acrylic Dipping Systems?!?
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I am applying for a position as a booth renter. The salon owner has requested an completely odorless nail product...Apparently he is partial to Backscratcher's dipping Systems...My question is what are your thoughts on dipping Systems? Do people still really use this method? How long do they last? Would you be able to use glitter?
i think that you should go with gel. dip systems to me show a lack of trying...sorry.. gonna peeve some off with that one.. its old news and i think gel application and techniques will set you apart from others.
there is a new salon local to me and dip is all they do and no one is really impressed exept for the very low cost they are charging.
What Kathie said, and I just want to add that i tried it when i first started out and that the spray used in that system used to burn my lungs! It was more toxic to me than nail chemicals!!


Thank you ladies! There's a little problem though....I'm not any good with gels I only barely learned acrylic in school. We literally spent two weeks on nails through the course of 15 months... Is there a gel system that is a good choice for beginners?
Ok i was looking at nailsmag online and they showed Dip it. I thought it was cool and fast. since i will be the only tech and only on saturdays i wanted to try this system due to the speed of application. Has anyone used the dip it system? Its says completely odorless and there is no spray just brush on system any feedback?

Sorry to take over but when i saw you wanting to try the dipping system i figured u would like to check out dip it


Im just wondering, with this dip it system can you do enhancements? I guess you could to the process on a prepped tip...
Absolutely you can do a dip system over a tip application You can do extensions also, but its a very difficult technique and doesn;t always hold up well, and would need to be short.

There is nothing wrong with dip systems.. it just they arent for everyone just as gel polish applications are not for the weak and peeling..

I suggest you start with the dip system.. get some practice before you start though, they can be a challange to apply sometimes.. then make every effort to get some serious gel training.. to offer 2 types of services will also set you apart..
I saw the Dip it at IBS and LOVE IT. Had the demo done on myself. I'm ordering in a couple of weeks. The other tech was doing nail art with it and was amazing! Its strong.