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Full Version: Gel Nail Art
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I am wodering if any of you techs out there can recommend some good free sites to watch and learn gel nail art!!

Thank-you! Smile
young nails has good ones.. but on youtube there are great ones on there. also sam biddle has good ones .. what kind of art are you looking for then maybe we can be more help
look up anna neroznak and olga palylyk
Here are a couple of mine from Masterworks! Big Grin

I am working on more, especially with our new Masterpiece Gel Paints. They work like an oil or acrylic paint but won't dry until you put them in the UV light. They also don't move like gel polishes.

I've also created 3D art with them that you can see on our website

Hope they help!
gussie :
> Gel nail can be light cured or no-light gels. The difference between the two
> types of nail applications is essentially the light used in setting the gel
> to your nails. 3D nail art is one of the latest trends in nails and the look
> will always call for more than one glance at your fingers.

I just don't want anyone to be confused: There is no such thing as a NO-LIGHT GEL. If it doesn't need a light, it's NOT GEL. All gels require photo-initiators to react with a UV light/LED light in order to cure, without exception. Powder and liquid product harded as a result of a chemical reaction when they are mixed and are ALWAYS an acrylic.

Our industry has been flooded with salons that offer "Gel Nails" and then put powder/liquid acrylic on the client with a gel sealant. This is not a gel nail. If powder and liquid are used, it is an acrylic nail. A gel sealant does not make it a gel nail.

I do apologize if this sounds harsh. Sad I really don't mean it to, but I have clients on vacation who've needed their nails done and were told it was gel. Then they come to me for their next fill and I need to remove their hybrid enhancements and start over because my "Gel" won't stick tho their acrylics and I don't want a yellow band gong through their nail when the acrylic gets older. Confusedhock:

Sorry forthe vent :wink:
one other thing about 'no light gel', it's basically just glue....cracks very easily.......... definitely a gotcha product for the uninformed.
amy do you do any classes around indiana?? i forget you are up that way? i have some gals looking for art classes around there
sorry i forgot to mention you above.. you do have some great vids also :oops:
I would love to do a class in IN!!! Can you let me know who might be interested? I'll put something together. You can email me at [email protected]

HUGE thanks!!! Big Grin