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Full Version: All advice needed
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I just sent my deposit for nail tech school. I need all advice. I believe that the school uses ibd. What are the best websites to buy from when first starting out? I will be attending a program in VA it is 150 hours can someone explain how the clinical hours work? My instructor is being very nice and working with me so far but I have some worries. I cant get a hold of him to ask him questions and see if he received my check so I'm reaching out to the wonderful people on this site. Thanks Smile
Nailite, would probably have the cheapest prices on stuff that doesn't come in your kit.

Try not to fret over the stuff like what you work'll find you'll have plenty of time to deal with it once you're in class.


I believe fully in using products that are cost effective while in school, it just makes sence since there is a lot of waste while learning. I would try omega acrylics because I hear they are great and affordable. IBD can be bought at Sallys, and they have aspire acrylic there too. Nailiteinc can help greatly with keeping cost down. Big Grin welcome to the world of making people supper happy with their hands and feet.
Will you be working in VA or NC? If you plan on working in NC, you will probably have to go back to school and get the exta 150 hours tha are required in NC- 300. Even if you license in VA, before you can exchange your VA license for NC, you will have to complete the required hours and take the test agin. If you are going to work in VA, then you are okay.
You should have most of what you will need for a while in the school kit. Several companies offer school kits, so product could vary. For school use, I would stick with the less expensive, yet good quality products- those from places like Nailite, Premier Nail Source, Republic Nail, and Sally. Your instructor may have a list of products they would perfer you use in school. Also, as you accumulate hours, they will probably bring in more professional products. I hope you enjoy school, and good luck.
I just spoke with a friend of mine in NC. You would not have to have the additional hours, so 150 in VA, get your license, and if you work in NC, just transfer. lol You can't do that in to have the school hours.
Glad to know this.
Im doing it in va and using reciprocity for nc. how many hours are clinical like hand on out of the 150?
also I have heard that students can receive free samples or trial sizes if you call them is this true?

Congratulations on taking this important step in your life..

Most schools either supply your kit as part of the tuition or tell you where to purchase the kit. Most educators find it easier to teach the entire class using the same products than a mish-mash of brands and products. So my suggestion is to call the school and ask that very helpful lady about the kit thing!

Yes some companies still give samples. You can get a sample of eco So Quick by filling out the form at

I know when I went to school, about 1/2 of our hours was floor work - hands on - and the other 1/2 was theory, but that was a LONG time ago Smile I am sure things have changed.

I take it Outter Banks is very close to NC. If it is just the matter if an application (and maybe a small fee) to get your license also in NC, then I would do so .. you never know what life will bring you!
The outer banks is in NC. Thanks
I am trying to get my paperwork together to get my NC license also. I have to write a letter to my State Board requesting a letter of certification sent to NC along with the fee, then when NC gets that, they will post online that they have it, I fill out the online application and send their fee- then I'm licensed in 2 states!
OH! my geography stinks Smile But you are doing your hours in VA, so does that mean you will get a VA license then have to apply for the NC reciprocity? In any case I would think long term it would be a good thing to have both, it doesn't limit you as to where you are living/working if VA is that close!
And until I saw this post, I didn't realize how easy it is to be licensed in both states. kristen, good luck.
Yeah, I want reciprocity too in a couple of States, that way, in a few years, I can do "tours" when I'm visiting Family. : )
Its not always so easy. Simmy moved from Fl to NJ like 3+ years ago and still has no NJ license because of their rules. Some states will NOT accept another's hours and you have to start all over.

When we decided to buy in VA I emailed NY & VA, they both replied back with a form and instructions to fill out and mail a small check to both. I had to wait about 2 weeks to get a verification of hours and good standing from NY, sent that to VA and by the time we went back down there again my license was in the PO Box Smile BUT.. they gave me a waxing license!! I had to call twice but the second time the woman said you hold on and I am going to fix this once and for all right now, she did and again my NAIL license was in the box when we went back Smile
I wonder why NC will not accept reciprocity for estetics and manicurists from Florida....
I have to send Tn a fee and letter requesting a letter of certification mailed to NC. NC posts it online that they have received it- post stays for 90 days. I fill out the application online and send their fee- got license.
I live in the obx of north carolina the closest is in Virginia Beach, Va. so yes I will be licensed in 2 states there is a small fee but other than that they said that I will be fine. I'm very excited. I want to buy some stuff to practice is there any one you would recommend over other companies? thanks