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Full Version: Nail art: HHhheeeelllppp
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Hey everyone: I am looking for some cool nail art for toes with regular polish and some cool nail art with Gelish. I have seen some on here to buy, and to be honest Im not sure how to pick one that is for beginners.... Can someone share some nail art, and some place to get some also. Great little tricks of the trade and anything else that might help. I have read bout what brushes to buy and im on the hunt for some of them also.
The best way to start is go to a dollar store and get some of their nail art polish. I've found several colors at my local dollar store. And they work great.
For brushes I got my 1st set of nail art brushes at Sally's. But you can go to any art store like Micheal's or Ben Franklin's. I don't know what you have where your at. But you may end up spending more at an art store.
Do some research online for specials at art stores. Smile

Good luck.
You should check some youtube channels for easy nail art ideas. I know that her vids are a little more advanced, but Love4nails has some great how to vids. And she explains them very well. And everything that can be done with polish, can be done with Gelish.
I think this is a cute design