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Full Version: Young Nails (or ex) users come in here please :)
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I have a few questions regarding Young Nails.

I am a beginner currently using NSI but I'm finding that there's little support for this product whereas YN has a bit of a presence.

Obviously, if I call YN they're going to talk it all up (normal) so I'm after your perspective on the product.

1. Is the product good to use for beginners; eg easy to work with?
2. LED or UV for their gels?
3. Do you find the product is well supported?
4. Do you find the product is well priced and gives good results?
5. Anything else you want to add?

Thanks heaps in advance.
1. Is the product good to use for beginners; eg easy to work with?
Yes, YN products are very user friendly. You also have instructional videos at your fingertips at all times online.

2. LED or UV for their gels?
Either or both depending on which gels you use traditional vs soak off. We only use UV in our salon because we have many, many lights that are working fine, we did not was to spend the extra $$ to replace lights that were fine just to get a 30 second cure. We don't work THAT fast anyway, JMHO

3. Do you find the product is well supported?
Yes, YN Mentors are always ready and willing to help you and if you call into YN they will trouble shoot with you without giving you a hard sell on the phone. They don't need to sell the products to you, they pretty much sell themselves Big Grin

4. Do you find the product is well priced and gives good results?
As a salon owner, I look at cost of products very closely. We buy all of our products in the largest size available and we experience the best price by doing that. Years ago, I did a price comparison of YN vs three others that were on the market and YN was the most cost effective at that time. I haven't updated the numbers in three years, but YN hasn't raised their prices so unless the others have lowered theirs in three years, this is still true. (I was an accountant in my former career)

5. Anything else you want to add?
They have the best classes. Where else can you go and pay $50 for an all day class and lunch is provided?
I use YN exclusively for acrylics and traditional gel, and also use their mani-Q. I'll second everything from the previous post!

Another thing about YN, they don't just support your product knowledge, they will also answer questions relating to the running of your business, which is a huge asset!


NSI has great support and actually participate in this forum. If you need anything you can contact.
Jessie Burkhardt
Director of Marketing & Communications
NSI - Advanced Products. Professionally Preferred.
customer service department 800-354-6741
YN has the best education and support I have ever experienced from any acrylic/gel company. I personally feel I have tried everything and YN has been the company that has been there for me. I use their products and you can always access their vidoes on their website.
YN is/was what I had been looking for my whole nail career. (18 yrs). Best classes, product and support.
Quote:Where else can you go and pay $50 for an all day class and lunch is provided?

You can't! Only in the US can you get that. *lol*

Thanks for the responses. It really helps to get some perspectives.

And by doing that, I didn't mean to imply that NSI has no support at all or that the product is somehow inferior. Looking at my original post I think I should have worded it better.

Where I live, NSI has no presence whereas, by contrast, YN does. The NSI (Australia) head distribution office is in Queensland, where I don’t live (our teacher is a Queenslander and she started on NSI and that’s why we are using the product in class) and there are no classes outside that nor is there access to educators. I did check by calling them. That’s not to say they don’t have great service or product. On the contrary.

But by contrast there’s a YN educator down the road from me and I am finding that, as a beginner, I’m more reliant on resources than the more experienced of you are. And while I appreciate that online support is available in here, I find that sometimes you just need face to face/tactile support, to be able to show someone where you're going wrong and have them show you the right way. After all, you only get so much support at school. I just wanted to touch base with people in here who use it to see whether it was worth the effort as I approached another product that also has a presence here before but found that it was just a constant runaround both with the product and the customer service.

So again, thanks for your responses. NSI has a great product. I just wanted to get beyond what I find to be over-the-top marketing hype of YN and see if they had one as well.
I use YN. I am a beginner. They have lots of support and I really like using all their products. I also use a UV light.
Ditto everything about YN. As a former distributor and a current mentor I agree whole heartedly that YN is leading the industry in the best product and education available. The education I have recieved from YN as a nail tech , distributor and mentor has been positively amazing and is responsible for being able to lower my fill times to 30 minutes or less. I book it that way too. every other fill for my regular fill clients. Its awesome and my clients love have fast it is.
You can go on YouTube and see all the videos for application and different technique. I've had very good results with YN
YN is everything it's cracked up to be. You can't go wrong.
I agree. I am also a YN user and love everything about the company. Great products, great education, you can't go wrong!