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Full Version: Professional Salon Locator Listing @ Beautytech.INFO
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Professional Salon Locator Listing @ Beautytech.INFO -

Professional Salon Locator Listing @ Beautytech.INFO

Dear Salon Professional,

For the past 6 months we have diligently tried and tried to get the upgraded Salon Locator database to function as we would like it to. Unfortunately, the developer is totally unresponsive over the past 3 months to our pleas for repairs to missing or incorrectly functioning features. For example, the new Locator had no means of resetting a lost or forgotten password so that you could update your listing - that is just 1 item in a LONG list of what ails the new version of the Locator.

Tonight I made the decision to revert to the old Locator.. a few less features, but it works much better. Unfortunately we've lost a few new features that were working.. but sometimes you have to weigh the good with the bad and make a choice act upon it and move on.

EVERY LISTING should be verified for correct information ASAP.

You can use your original password, or the password reset tool by clicking:
Forgot Password?
I am very sorry, but you will have to update or add the listing again. We will make every effort to approve new listings in a timely fashion. If you REALLY need the text from the listing in the upgraded Locator, please let me know and I can yank it for you.

Search for your salon by zip code or city.
Click the More Info link for your salon.
Click the Edit Salon Listing link.

To reap the maximum benefits from your salon's listing, it should be as accurate and complete as possible. Add as much information as possible - a suggested list of information is below. The listings with the richest data often attract the most interest, and will be more likely to appear higher on search engine pages.

Recommended content for your listing @ http://www.beautytech.INFO
  • Store hours - make sure they are correct & current
  • Full & proper contact info - Salon name, address, including zipcode, telephone with area code
  • Web Site & Email - Make sure both are correct, and included
  • Services offered - general or specific
  • Product brands - Often the public will gravitate to a salon that proudly displays they use "Such & Such Brand"
  • Pricing - a touchy matter, state "starting at $x.xx" rather than specific amounts
  • Payment types - Does your salon accept checks, credit cards? (include which types)
  • Atmosphere - Use words like: upscale, trendy, relaxed, full service, specializing in...., awards, affiliations
  • Salon slogan - tag line in your advertising
  • Watch for our ad - if you regularly utilize the local weekly's state so
  • Use "we" or "our salon" words, not "I" words - make your salon look big & busy
  • Add a logo or photo of the salon to your listing

To ADD or EDIT Your Listing:
Login or register at:
Scroll to the bottom and choose the appropriate link.

Don't forget to save your login information so you can update the listing when needed!

If you need help, please contact us using this link: Contact beautytech.INFO