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Nails In The Real World Air Brush Video
73 minutes



This video is like no other and is well worth seeing! 

Whether you are a beginner, advanced airbrush artist or just want to know more about airbrushing before you purchase a system.... this video is for you. 

Totally generic in nature it shows you all types of systems available in today's salon marketplace. Supported by the top nail manufacturers. 

I will show you how to recognize different types and styles of airbrush equipment and design materials.
You will also learn how to keep your gun clean and clog free. Learn how to display your work and where to get ideas. 

I show you 4 different guns as well as many kinds of stencils and paints.

The most important part of airbrushing is keeping your gun clean.  You will be bored to tears at how much gun cleaning we will do in this video.

In the video I will do 3 live models as well as many demo nail tips. 

 We will also cover the following things:

  • Different types and styles of compressors, airbrushes, hoses, connectors and related equipment.
  • How to make & display sample nails
  • Design Techniques
  • How to practice
  • Design Materials
  • Pricing & Marketing your airbrush service
  • Airbrushing on artificial & natural nails
  • Cleaning & Maintaining your gun and equipment.
  • I show you french manicures, sunset design and color misting with stencils


Airbrush design you will learn on the video


What Nail Techs are saying about the Air Brush Video

Janene Bushy - Shelby, Ohio
I have been a nail tech for 15 years and have been airbrushing for the past 5 years. Over the years, I have purchased 8 videos on airbrushing. Some I thought were pretty good and some I was disappointed in. When I saw the information about Terri's Video "Nails in the Real World" I thought I might as well add one more to my collection. 
I have to say, Terri's video is the best video I've seen covering all aspects of airbrushing. She focuses on the art of airbrushing and not just one particular brand of equipment. Even though I'm a seasoned airbrush artist I picked up many ideas and hints from Terri's video.
I highly recommend this to anyone who is considering airbrushing or has been airbrushing for some time. It is appropriate for all skill levels. I'm anxiously looking forward to the next video that Terri makes. 
Janene Bushey, Nail Elegance, Shelby, Ohio, [email protected] 
Janice Capelli - Cranston, RI
I have been educating in this industry for nearly a decade now. During this time, I have had the distinct honor of attending seminars by some of the "Masters" of our industry... [Peters, Schoon, Cuccio, Claybourg, Arnold... the list goes on].
I have given seminars in nearly every aspect of this business and have attained the rank of National Technical Advisor for my efforts. My point?...It takes an awful lot to impress me at this stage of the game.
HOWEVER!!!!!...I received Terri Taricco's video: Nails In The Real World-Airbrushing...!! I have never been so impressed by a compilation of information in the way this video impressed me.
This video is concise, easy to follow, thorough and entertaining. There is no corporate sponsor so a totally unbiased, honest and factual dialog is present throughout. Taricco leaves no stone unturned in her quest to bring our skills to a higher level of professionalism. 
This video is a MUST HAVE for any salon owner, nail tech, school and/or student...you won't be disappointed!
I am looking forward to other videos in the series.
Thank you, Terri for having taken the time to correlate your extensive knowledge in this field and presenting it in a way that will benefit all who view it. [I would be remiss if I didn't also mention my appreciation to you for keeping the cost so affordable!]
Janice Capelli, Star Nail National Technical Advisor, Bravo! Nails, Cranston, RI, [email protected] 
Georgette - Florida
Yesterday when I got home from an airbrush class, my airbrush video I had ordered from Nails in the Real World had arrived.... popped it in and oh my goodness..I felt so angry..WHY? Because if I had received it BEFORE the airbrush class I took I could have saved $300.00 !!!
Suddenly I felt renewed.. I learned far more in the video than in the whole three days of the airbrush class...Terri gives wonderful little shortcuts and hints and explains in great detail ...... everything, and I mean everything you beginners need to know. It is the BEST I HAVE EVER SEEN.
Terri's "Nails in the Real World" airbrush video is the best... So Grab your checkbooks and start buying...you won't regret it.
[email protected], Florida 
Peter Fenna - Worcester, MA
Terri delivers a fine video production on airbrushing. Her valuable knowledge of various manufacturers equipment allows her to bring to the nail technician a complete understanding of airbrush maintenance and application.
This video will make airbrushing virtually trouble free. A must for those who already own a airbrush system or for those thinking about purchasing a system. A great addition to your education library. Peter Fenna, Airbrush Educator, owner of Silk Road Salon, Worcester MA


Airbrush Video Supporters

The following manufacturers have made this video series possible.
We would like to thank them for their commitment to education and their dedication to the business of nails.
Aztek Airbrush / Tester Corp.  815-962-6654   800-962-6654
www.testors.com/aztek  Manufacturer of airbrush equipment and supplies
Creative Nail Design   800-700-4939 
www.creativenaildesign.com  Manufacturers of professional nail products (Acrylics, polish, tips and many others)
East Coast Airbrush (Air Source One)   800-342-9745 
formally East Coast Airbrush - maker of airbrush systems, design templates and paint
Flowery Beauty Products   800-545-5247 
www.flowery.com  Manufacturer of files and abrasives
IBD Products   800-221-2743 
 email: [email protected] Manufacturer of professional nail care products
Jani Nail Art   800-367-5264 
Manufacturers of nail art supplies and nail jewelry
Lasco Diamond / Drills   800-621-4726 
Manufacturers of Drills and drill bits (diamond and carbide)
Menda Scientific   800-776-3632
  www.mendapump.com  Manufacturer of fluid dispensers
OPI Products   800-341-9999 
  www.opinail.com  Manufacturer of professional nail products (acrylics, gels, tips, polish, preps, removers etc)
Snails Nail Art   800-762-4572 
  www.snailsitalianjewelry.com  Manufacturer of nail art supplies and nail jewelry
Star Nail Products   800-782-7624
  www.starnail.com Manufacturer of professional nail products and the new "Bella Mani" line
Thayer & Chandler (Vega Nailaire)   847-816-1356 
Recently moved to Canada - no forwarding information
W.R. Medical/Therabath   800-321-6387 
www.wrmed.com/therabath2.htm  Manufacturers of paraffin systems for the beauty and medical professions.