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nail supplies Aesthetic VideoSource
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Nail Art "Fimo" Clay Canes, Unique and handy tools for the nail technician/Artist, Bling Galore, Educational DVDs for beauty professionals - waxing, hair, skin care, nails, Business Card/Cell Holder, hair & nail style books and magazines, hair & nail ornaments, Ebooks, nail art supplies, Trade magazines, Tutorials more.....

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Strong, brilliant nails
Our advanced acrylic powders and monomers are designed for beauty and durability, combined with our professional line of nail prep products, the end result are gorgeous nails you will want to show off.

10385 Los Alamitos Blvd, Ca 90720
Phone: 1-562-598-3966 Toll Free: 1-866-439-6255 Fax: 1-562-598-8096
[email protected]

MediNail Learning Center courses are truly advanced education designed to take nail technicians to a whole new level of success through introduction to a proven new resource for clients. They are also designed to set the graduate apart from their competition and to positively address the problems in the industry through knowledge. The courses are online and/or school-based, and can be taken when the technician chooses, from a location of his/her choice, and are paid for as they are taken, not in a lump sum. See us at  for more information.


Tuff Enuff Nails has developed a brilliant new polymer gel that will save nail technicians both time and money.   Your clients will be thrilled with their super strong, long lasting and yet thin nails.    It is comparable to plastic milk jugs... very thin and very strong!   It also cures to a super shiny finish with no sticky layer to wipe!  Used in conjunction with Linkage, our protein primer, lifting is virtually eliminated.

Poly Gel is the only gel you will need.   It serves as the base, the builder, and the top gel.  You can also use it for mixing in glitters, pigments, glow in the dark powders... anything you can imagine.  You can even mix in white pigment to create your own French Nail gel.  One gel does it all.   Nail techs have all the control with TEN, as you customize the colors you want.   We have included a stunning glitter to have fun with

Phone: 832-644-1057

Nailpro Magazine

NAILPRO readers are serious about nails--whether they're nail technicians, salon owners/managers, educators or students. That's why NAILPRO offers current, accurate and in-depth information on everything from new products and techniques to promotion and retailing to personal growth. Each month, NAILPRO will help you improve your skills, learn how to increase your profits--and have fun doing it! You can even test the knowledge you've gained with our Test Yourself certificate program.

Visit our website!
e-mail [email protected]

Creative Nail Design Systems is the most successful manufacturer in the professional nail industry and the founder of the Creative Academy, the recognized leader in nail education, Jim Nordstrom, CEO and his sister Jan Arnold, president, incorporated the company in 1978, introducing their first product SOLARNAIL®.

SOLARNAIL®, the brainchild of Dr. Stewart Nordstrom -- dentist, inventor and the father of Jan and Jim -- quickly made old fashion "porcelain" nails and even acrylics, obsolete. The monomer/polymer formulation formed a cross-l inked -- rather than linear -- molecular structure for greater strength and flexibility and never yellowed.

Creative Nail Design Systems "built a better mousetrap" in 1993 with the revolutionary patented Radical SOLARNAIL® Liquid. Radical SOLARNAIL® Liquid, which never crystallizes, dries faster, and works easier, was widely recognized as the decades most important development in the professional industry.

While continuing to lead the field in nail enhancements (the company's FORMATION tip is the top selling tip in the world), Creative Nail Design Systems soared during the 1990's to a position as retail leader as well, with phenomenal in-salon sales of striking enamel collections, including Drop Dead Reds, Tickled Pinks, and A Lot 'o Gelato and home care products.

Utilizing their state-of-the-art Research & Development laboratories, and their chief chemist, Doug Schoon, Creative Nail Design Systems became the leader in natural nail care treatments such as C*Therapy A.H.A. Cuticle Eraser, SolarOil and DRY & SHINE.

The company also leads the way in education. The Creative Academy, the company's educational division, has graduated more than 1000 Master Nail Technicians, who have mastered training in such vital topics as 911 NAILS, which offers t he key to every nail emergency, and FOREVER FRENCH, the art of permanent sculptured French nails.

Creative Nail Design Systems likes to say that "only Hollywood has more famous names" for good reasons -- the company's many products offer the kind of solutions that truly give nail technicians "the Creative Edge."

Call 1-800 833-NAIL to contact a Distributor nearest to you. Check out our web site:


At OPI Products Inc., we know that Professional Nail Technicians demand and deserve nothing less than excellence. In fact, we've built our entire company on that premise.

Over the years, our team of noted chemists and color experts have created products unprecedented in the nail care industry. OPI revolutionized the Nail Care Industry in the 80's by uniting the latest fashion trends with its powerful acrylic nail technology, raising the demands and expectations of nail care professionals. OPI's products exceed industry standards and continue to satisfy the demands of the Nail Professionals around the world. It's no wonder so many of our products have been granted U.S. Patents.

As part of our commitment to professional excellence, OPI offers extensive educational programs designed to keep nail technicians up-to-date with the latest trends and products in the nail industry. OPI has created an educational program guaranteed to keep you on the cutting edge of style and fashion with the latest trends and techniques not available anywhere else. This year we've designed a flexible, hands-on educational program offering 1 and 2 day workshops, as well as a NEW PRODUCT workshop which will introduce OPI's latest product (available in late Spring) with the promise of absolute perfection.

Together with our outstanding products and invaluable training seminars, OPI Products Inc. is your Partner in Professional Excellence as we prepare to enter the next millennium.BeautyTech - Connecting With Beauty Professionals

Please call our HOT LINE for the name of your local authorized OPI distributor, at 1-800-341-9999.

E-Mail us at [email protected] 

The Paramount Companies

The Paramount Companies is a 35 year old professional beauty supply company serving the 5 boroughs of NYC, Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Rockland and Counties, and Fairfield, CT areas.

  • Nexxus of New York City

  • Paramount Beauty Supply

  • Royal Beauty Supply Professional Stores

Cricket / Centix
Fashion Formulas
Pro Finish
European Touch
Clean & Easy
Nail Tek
N. Y. Nails
Star Nail Products
Isabel Christina

AND More....

Please contact us for the current extensive education schedule and the upcoming trade show dates.

Customer Service Manager Fran Venezio
Corporate Headquarters:
41 Mercedes Way #34
Edgewood, NY 11717
(631) 242-3737 
(800) 755-7480
Fax (631) 242-4082

NAILS MagazineNAILS Magazine is the nail industry's authoritative leader. We strive to inform our readers about the latest nail technology, pertinent business issues, the state of health and safety matters, as well as the latest industry news, trend forecasts, and product information. NAILS is published monthly with an annual fact book and buyer's guide in July.

The NAILS Fact Book is where consumer media turn to for industry statistics and resources. Editors from the Wall Street Journal to Glamour rely upon our Fact Book for information on the nail industry.

Check out NAILS Magazine's Home Page!

NOW YOU CAN Subscribe to NAILS Magazine ONLINE!
Fill out the form on the Web Site

NAILS Magazine Posters! Now!! Posters for your salon!
NAILS has several great new posters, including the one you see here, available for you to order right ONLINE!

Morehouse Communications

Public Relations, Specializing in the Beauty Industry

Morehouse Communications, Inc. is one of the professional beauty industry's leading public relations and communications agencies. We specialize in positioning our clients, including beauty products manufacturers, salons, salon chains and associations, in the trade and consumer media.

I'm Jayne Morehouse, company president, and will be your main contact. About my background: I was formerly the editor of a major beauty trade publication and have written articles about the nail business for a variety of beauty publications. I also served as the founding editor of a major nail company's newsletter.

I have been a Nail Tech mailing list member for quite some time and have already enjoyed talking with many of you on line.

I'm happy to answer your questions about publicizing your salons and special events in your communities and nationally, putting promotions together and setting up marketing programs. I can also provide an overview of the types of media coverage that nails and beauty in general receive in the trade and consumer media.

In addition, as a sponsor of this list, a couple of times a month, I will post a roundup of nail editorial in major consumer magazines so you know what your clients are reading and are prepared to answer their questions. Please feel free to post your questions to the list or E-Mail me privately at [email protected]. Let me know how I can help!

Jayne Morehouse
Morehouse Communications, Inc.
Cleveland, OH

NSI - Nail Systems Intern'lbeautiful chemistry

Manufacturer of professional
acrylic, light cure, and gel systems

Why NSI?
Because building your business is how we build ours, and we've been doing it that way since 1957.

Our History
For more than 40 years, Nail Systems International has been advancing the technology of nail products, so that professional nail technicians like you can work smarter, faster and more profitably.

In the 1950s, 60s and 70s, our family developed formulas for products such as Patti Nail, Glamour Nail and Hard As Nails, to name a few, and we invented and patented the industry's first nail form.

Since then, our commitment to product innovation has never wavered. As a research, development and manufacturing company, our in-house chemists work closely with nail professionals every day, pioneering the tools you need for the nails your clients deserve.

Here are a few examples of NSI's nail science at work:

• We were one of the first to introduce an odorless powder/liquid system.
• We were the first to introduce fiberglass-reinforced acrylic powders - Choice Standard Set and Fast Set Nail Powders.
• Our Light Fantastic Light-Cure Acrylic Powder/Liquid and Light Fantastic Gels allow you to create the nails of tomorrow - today. They are odorless and non-yellowing - options that produce a virtually dust-free salon environment.
• Thermoshield - our revolutionary, heat-activated, polish sealant - seals, shines and protects polished acrylic nails in just three minutes and lasts for two weeks or longer.
• Our Airshield Polish Sealant dries in three minutes flat, outperforming other fast-drying top coats.
• Line Out Fill Line Eraser eliminates fill lines and is compatible with all acrylic and gel systems.

Our Promise
As a family-owned and operated company, NSI is building its business by supporting yours. That means we're creating timesaving products - that are priced right - to make your work more efficient. We're expanding our distribution to generate faster delivery from our lab to your salon. We're expanding our distribution to generate faster delivery from our lab to your salon. And we're offering technical support so you can maximize results. NSI representatives are available for phone consultations Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST, or visit us at for the latest product and technical information.

So what's the bottom line? NSI will continue its tradition of listening to nail professionals like you to understand your needs as we pursue better nail chemistry, better techniques and faster applications to help you succeed. And that's a promise you can trust.

Visit our Web Site

2 Union Hill Rd
W. Conshohocken, PA 19428
Fax -610-825-2738

E-mail Rick Slack, President

Tammy Taylor Nails LogoTammy Taylor Nails has been supplying professional Nail Technicians and Cosmetologists with the highest quality nail products since 1983. Nationwide, 1,000's of professionals and their clients all agree that Tammy Taylor Products are unbeatable in durability, appearance and application. Tammy continues to work daily on products and issues concerning nail technicians in this country and abroad. It's because of her commitment to Service, Quality and Education that she remains the leader for professionals in the nail industry. All of her products are 100% guaranteed to be the best quality available.

Contact Tammy Taylor Nails at: [email protected]

More Residents More Residents

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