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Nailtech Connect gives you ALL the tools and resources to excel in your professional career as a Nail Technician. Share your work, tutorials, videos, ideas, tips, tricks. Chat with Nail Technicians real time from all over the world. We will be having special live chat sessions with noted personalities in the industry. You can find important articles pertaining to anything NAILS in the Blog/Articles section too.
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No MMAMMA (Methyl Methacrylate) is a particularly hazardous acrylic product has been deemed poisonous and deleterious by the FDA, several states that have officially banned it from use in the salons. It is very important to understand how to deal with removing it and who to complain to if you suspect a salon is using MMA.
Courtesy of many of the trade magazines and companies, you can read up on a complete assortment of articles to educate yourself  on the MMA topic.


This site and the NailTech* Mailing List have several Industry sponsors. If you would like information about these companies please explore the links created especially for them!

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