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Long Island Networking Day

12th Long Island Networking Day
Sunday August 3rd, 2014 9.30am - 4.30pm

for 2014 Details

THERE IS ROOM FOR A MAXIMUM of 80 TECHNICIANS (plus 20 educators) reserve your spot NOW!!!
Network Days Gallery | A typical Networking Day video
LI Network 2011 Video | Natalia's LI Network Day Video on YouTube

Pre-registration REQUIRED

Virtual Speakers

Doug Schoon
Schoon Scientific
Suzi Fischman

Sponsors 2013

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  • Networking face to face

    • Demos

    • Hands on

    • Trade ideas, techniques, and business practices

    • All in a stress-free environment

    • Lunch - yes this year we are including LUNCH !!

Each of the previous events was a huge success, over 50 nail techs and 12 educators ALL said afterward this was the best day they ever had. We had techs from several states, drive, train and fly in for the day.

Pre-registration is required

  • Cost:
    Includes a FULL day of hands on EDUCATION with some of the most talented educators our industry has to offer AND lunch!

    • Payment by PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express
      You can pay for multiple people in one payment

      • $40.00 per person
      • $45.00 per person after July 24th

    • Refunds will be given up to July 30th OR later in the case of emergency only.

Pre-registration REQUIRED

or visit


Click the Questions below to see the answers.

Ramada Plaza
1730 North Ocean Avenue
Holtsville, New York  11742  
PH:  631.758-2900 (formerly Crowne Plaza)
Event Date & Time
Sunday Aug. 3rd 2014
9.30AM - 4.30PM
Pre-registration REQUIRED
Q: Can I bring my spouse, child or other family member?
A. No. Only licensed nail professionals, salon owners, students, and instructors are allowed in the event room. If you are traveling out of state with someone, there is plenty to occupy them the Long Island area.
Q: Can I pay the day of the event?
A. No, sorry, since we sell out every year and the room is limited to fire law occupancy, we need you to pre-pay your reservation to reserve your spot.
Pre-registration REQUIRED
Q: What's included?
A: Your paid reservation includes: All day admission, Goodie Bag with products supplied by our sponsors, entry into raffle prize drawings held at the end of the day, ability to purchase discounted and new products, network with colleagues in your field, and learn from professionals.
Q: Are the private classes part of my reservation fee?
A. No. Private classes being offered are being supplied strictly by the company hosting the class. The cost to attend is separate from attending the networking event.
Q: Can I attend just the classes?
A: Yes. While we of course encourage you to attend our event also, it is not a requirement.
Q: Is there on-site parking available?
A: Yes, there is ample parking available on location.
Q: When will check-in begin?
A: Check-in will begin at approx. 9:15 a.m. You will be greeted by attendants at the registration area where you will receive event information and your name badge.
Pre-registration REQUIRED
Q: Is lunch provided this year?
A: Yes, lunch is included in your reservation fee.
Q. When will I receive my Goodie Bag?
A. Goodie Bags will be given to you as you depart the event.
Q: If I can not attend after I've reserved my spot, can I receive a refund?
A: Refund requests will be honored through July 30th OR later in the case of emergency only.
Q: Can I purchase an "extra" Goodie Bag?
A: No. Goodie Bags are for guests in attendance only. There will be merchandise available for purchase from our educators and brands at great discounted prices. Should their be any bags remaining after the event is completed, they will be donated to a local school or possibly a women's shelter depending on the products.
Pre-registration REQUIRED
Q: How does the raffle prize drawing work?
A: Each registrant's name will be printed on a ticket, placed in a bucket and drawn at random.
Q: Do I have to be present to be in the raffle prize drawing?
A: Yes! You must be present to claim your raffle prize. Raffle prizes will be drawn towards the end of the day - 3.30PM or so. Sorry, but if you must leave early you will have to forfeit your entry into the raffle prizes. You may not hand your raffle tickets to someone else to claim it for you.
Q Can I smoke at the event?
A: No. Smoking is not allowed on premise. Please use the outside areas designated for smoking.


What to bring…
A smile
Your brain
Business cards - for handing out to your new friends
Pen & Paper
There is no need to bring any product, brushes etc.
Pre-registration REQUIRED
What we'll do…
Check-in 9:15AM
Welcome, introductions
Each Educator will get an opportunity to introduce themselves & their product for 3-5 minutes
Network with top company educators and your fellow nail technicians
Demos - acrylic, gel, dip/fiber/silk, nail art
Trouble shooting
Video Speaker -- NEW! This is going to be VERY cool!
Video Speaker -- NEW! This is going to be VERY cool!
More Networking, Demos, etc.
Raffles - donations from companies - starting at 3.30PM MUST be present to win
Goodie bags STUFFED with samples brochures and more
Charge your cell phone or tablet device fully!
Your cell phone or tablet device are great for taking notes, taking pictures, recording voice memo's and storing contact information. Make sure your battery is full and ready!
Take Notes!
Make sure you have something to write with or write on. There's nothing like gaining important facts and realizing you have nothing to write with or on. A small notebook should do the job.
Ask Questions!
This is what they are here for - to provide you with answers to the questions you have. Don't be afraid to ask a questions!
Register for at least one private class!
You won't regret it! When was the last time you were able to pick the brain of an educator who represents the brand you have or will use in the future? This is where you will be able to let your hair down and relax while soaking in as much knowledge as you can. Classes are limited in size, so make sure you make this a priority.
Dress Comfortably, but not tooo comfortably........
You will be standing and walking for the majority of the time, "oohing" and "ahhing" from table to table. What better way to do this than to be as comfortable as possible. This is a networking event, not a day at the beach, so please dress appropriately. Here are a few ideas of what to wear:

•Casual business
•Trousers,slacks, or capri pants.
•Knee length skirts or dresses (not fitted)
•Cardigans or a nice blouse or top
•Casual walking shoes, flats or clean tennis shoes
Pre-registration REQUIRED
Have cash on hand
We all tell ourselves we will not buy that pretty pink glitter or that funky new polish, but we always do. Come prepared with some cash to purchase the latest products at great prices. Most of the sponsoring companies will be able to take Credit Cards for payment and will usually ship your purchase if they do not have stock on hand.
Pass it on!
Be vocal about your attendance to our event. You never know, there may be other nail professionals in your area who are all coming to same event and not even know it- trust us, it happened last year. Post and share this information on networking and social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and blogs such as NailTalk Radio. You can carpool, cut down costs and make friends without much effort at all.
Need to reserve a hotel room?
You can make your reservation directly, request the "Best Rate" the hotel has a Free shuttle from ISP airport and LIRR train, breakfast & wifi). There are other hotel options as well within a few miles of the hotel
If you need to contact the event organizer…
Email AIM Instant Message nailgdsss


Traveling by car
Use this link to Google Maps for exact directions
Traveling by Ferry
Traveling by Air
  • Arriving JFK
    Take Air Train (cost $5??) to Jamaica Station, then the LIRR to the Ronkonkoma Station
  • Arriving Islip MacAuthur
    Hotel has courtesy shuttle
Traveling by Train


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