get involved in doing photo shoot work?

Hi to all you fabulous Nail Techs out there, my name is Honey and I am a Nail Tech from Brooklyn, NY. I primarily do photo shoot work. I have some great information for you on how to get into doing stars and doing photo shoots.

#1 Try to put together a portfolio of your best work. Get all the fantastic nail shots you can get.
#2 Where you live is also important. New York & Los Angeles have most of the work in fashion and advertising, and also have artist management agencies that represents nail techs. Beautytech does have listings of a few agencies.
#3 RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH For all of us who have computers you can research different artist management agencies to get a feel of the business so when your portfolio is ready you can send your book out to different agencies. Also when your book is ready it does not have to be full. If you have 3 or 4 great shots while still working on more, it still can be sent out.
#4 Try a mobile spa company This is also a great way on getting in. Companies like this do many stars events, fashion shows, etc
#5 NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK I am a networking queen. By Networking you can meet so many people that all it takes is WORD OF MOUTH to get yourself out there
#6 Must have a great personality to work such a wide variety of artists in the industry, if your 'tude sucks its not for you.

Now there are only a few cons for this type of job. Sometimes its very long hours, the longest job I've been on was 38 hours. You can't really plan your day because sometimes work can come in at the last minute. Carrying around your kit (not glamorous!) this becomes a pain, you try to make sure you have everything so it becomes very heavy lugging all that stuff around. You have to make sure you take as many classes as you can, to stay on top of your game. It is so different than working in a salon day in and day out. Doing shoots full time can make you a bit rusty on enhancements but having good education, classes and going to a couple of shows a year does a nail tech good! If you have a passion like I do -- eat, live, breath nails) you can get any where! Andra "Honey" Hinds

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