How can I filter the list mail into it's own mail box?

For Outlook Express Submitted by Jadey
1.) On the Outlook Main Page Click "Message" on the toolbar
2.) Click "Create Rule From Message"
3.) In Box 1 Click "Where The To Line Contains People"
4.) In Box 2 Click "Move It To The Specified Folder"
5.) In box 3 Click the highlighted "Contains People"
6.) Put in the top box of the new pop up and hit the "ADD" button
7.) Click "OK"
8.) In Box 3 again click the highlighted "specified" folder
9.) a.) If You Already  have a NAILTECH folder created highlight it and click ok
b.) If you do not have the folder already created Click "New Folder" and create one - then hit OK
10.) Back in the Main Box now just hit "OK"
You have now created a new mail rule that will filter all of your NAILTECH messages to a specific folder - ending any worry of spam etc....

Simple Mail Filtering Steps for Outlook Submited by Jadey
1.) On The Toolbar click "Tools"
2.) Click "Rules and Alerts"
3.) Click "New Rule"
4.) Click "Move Messages sent to a Distribution List to a Folder"
5.) Select the highlighted "people or distribution list" in the second box
6.) If is in your address book click that Otherwise Add the address down the bottom in the "TO" box
7.) Click "OK"
8.) Click the Highlighted "Specified" folder in the bottom box
9.) a.) If your NailTech folder already exists Highlight it from the list and click "Ok"
b.) If not Click "New" and create the new NailTech Folder
10.) Click "Finish"
11.) Click "OK"

Yahoo Mail:

>>Mail Options >>Filters >>Add
In the To/Cc Header box
Type In: @Googlegroups.Com

Scroll Down
>>Move The Message To: >>New Folder >>Add Filter
A Pop Up will be presented, type in the name of the folder.. ex: Nailtech List

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