get involved with my state board?

(Diana Bonn just recently became the first nail technician to be appointed tot he Indiana State Board)

Every state is different, but I will give you some ideas and common sense ideas on how to get involved with your state board.

Have you read your law book? It amazes me how many in my classes have never even seen one. I have heard this from people in my classes, "I want to change these laws" and my response: Have you read your law book? "Well No.", responds the technician. How do you know if it needs to be changed if you don't even know if it is true or not?

I want to be a board member.. My Question: Have you ever gone to a board meeting? Well No, is the response

I would describe these people (we all know this type of personality) a new tech/stylist that doesn't want to do the work, but wants to be the boss or owner, or make $50,000 the first year, but sit at home.

Do you know who the board members are? How are board members hired/appointed? Are they appointed by the Governor, other board members nominate, is this a salary job? All in your law book.

Do you qualify? Are nail techs allowed? Do you have to be licensed for so many years? etc. etc. All in your law book.

Have you asked other board members on how they got on? I was told by several that as far as they knew, they were all political appointments, except for one, he went to all meetings, found out that there was an opening and took his resume to the PLA and sent it to the Governor, and guess I would be the second one.

Political appointment: Well, here in Indiana, Political pull is a big key issue. Who do you know, How hard did you work for someone's campaign? The Gov owes some people some favors? You would need House Reps and Senators to back you up. Did you help with their campaign? Know someone who is close to the Gov. Now you can have a House Rep in your district that knows you, because you have sent him info on the industry, constantly in contact with him/her, and he could contact the Gov. for you. Because maybe he is a big supporter.

I know many of you hate politics, but the fact is, it is part of our lives. The politician's "writes" our law books. FACT, DEAL WITH IT. You have to VOTE, FACT, DEAL WITH IT.

Don't have political pull. Simple, start mailing/emailing info to your rep/senators about the industry. What ever your issue is. Facts only. Want to add hours to your state? Want to stop Credo Blades? Want to stop MMA? Want to add CEU? Want to do anything, FACTS....Do research and send them info of all other states, Send them copies of National Organizations research. Send them letters from other professions (I asked two Dr.'s to type letters about Credo Blades for me). Also, have the money and time? Send to all House Reps and Senators in your whole state!!!!!!! Access on the web. Get your name out there!!!!!

I actually wanted to do this to all states (all reps and senators) with the MMA issue, but no way did I have the time or money to do this, so I stuck with each states board members only.

I personally delivered info about the Pedi Infection in Calif. immediately to each board member before it hit the news (20/20).

I personally bought Credo Blades and letters and state facts to the board and gave to them. (we are still working on that one)

I personally put together info about electric file mandatory training in schools for each board member. (took almost 8 months of arguing to get that passed)

If I were you I would do one issue at a time. Why? Stay focused on one issue. And work on that issue. Then in a while start on a new issue. Then start the whole process over again. What does this do for you? Keeps your name in their heads over and over again vs a one time hit.....Hit them lots of time!!!!!!!!!!

TAKE, do not send, this info also to your board. I always did this throuugh the "NEW" Business part of the meeting. No discussion at this time, but handed it to them, gave a 60 second speech, then it was usually brought up at the next meeting.

Note here: You have to see if your Board is "Tech Friendly" as I call it. Our board is super about letting the audience talk. I have heard of some boards, that you actually have to write for permission to attend, then you attend, then you have to write for permission to talk. So you need to see if it is open to the public. Contact your board and find out.

How to put it together: Professional only please. Always used Navy Blue folders. Use White Label for front. Legal departments love Navy Blue and Black. Correct grammar and spelling please. Have someone proof read it. Instead of a long letter, use "bullet Points" those are little dots or numbers next to your point. Easy for them to read. Facts only. Small letter about the info. They won't bother reading the whole thing, just look at this post, you are scanning through it aren't you?????? Why would they be any different?

The Board members have to get to know you. If they don't want you, then you aren't going to get on. Now maybe they can't appoint you, but if they think that you are professional and knowledgeable, if you are considered they will say Great, she has helped us. But if they know you, and have negative feedback, and you are considered they will say, NO WAY, please reconsider someone else.

Get to know the secretary of your board. Ask questions after each board meeting to a board member. Try to go to lunch with them I started going to lunch across the room in the same cafeteria...... then somehow was asked to join them...

DRESS PROFESSIONAL!!!!!!! No Jeans.....Business suit wear suit jackets with or without a tie.....sometimes a "golf" shirt. Dress as if you were a board member. If you were sitting on the board would you wear Jeans and shorts?

During discussion at meetings, make sure you state your opinions. Board meetings are boring and exciting. Make yourself go. Sometimes I never opened my mouth because the subject was about something I knew nothing about. But I sat there, the members saw me. The other attendees saw me.

The other attendees at our meetings are school owners, sad, but no one shows up except school owners. I made sure they knew me. Had many mad at me, but they knew me as the nail expert and even handed them info and even my resume......So over the years they ask me questions.

Don't know what else to say guys, no secret. Guess it is called Marketing yourself. I was just lucky that the Gov decided not to put in a political appt. vs. experienced. 10 years ago I decided that someday I wanted to be on the board. But it took me 4-5 years of actually being involved with the board to do this. And know I have spent hundreds of dollars out of my pocket to get all kinds of info to them......

No secret. Just hard work. You guys do it everyday with your clients and the public. Own a salon? Well you did the same with your salon. You just need to change your market area to the government. Same attitude, same work ethics, different market.

You are a nail tech, but don't work, dress sloppy, zero education, bad techniques, You will not get clients.

You want to be on the board, but don't go to meetings, don't vote, dress sloppy, zero research, You will not get on the board.

Hope this helps some of you, hope you can get to the meetings, been telling everyone forever to get to the meetings. Hey I understand if it is a long drive, but if you live close, sorry, no excuse. Takes me about 1 hour 45 min.
Go For it
Diana from Indiana

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