Why cant we post about....

the "Poly" products?

There are a number of reasons, most of which I will NOT get into here.

The main reason is the people associated with these companies can not behave like grown adults.

This is not a forum for any one to air their laundry or make demands

I am so sick and tired of having to referee fights, remove posts and respond to the complaints of bickering time after time, year after year.

I gave them all time to get their acts together. I gave them all an opportunity to grow up and behave like intelligent adults and business people, but I am trying to teach pigs to sing I think, because the behavior never changes.

Because this site is run by me, and me alone, and I just do not have time to baby sit these people and their public displays of ignorance when it comes to business in public forums.

This is NOT open to discussion.

I will NOT respond to anyone on this matter.

Debbie Doerrlamm, Webmaster systems admin beautytech.com

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