What exactly is the mailing list about and who are these people sending me emails all day?

You may be interested in or recently subscribed to one of the mailing lists we here @ beautytech.com manage. This information should help explain what all those emails are about and who these strangers are that email you all day all of a sudden!

Two of the lists are fairly to very active, they are the SkinTech and NailTech lists.

People interested in, being beauty professionals such as you probably are, subscribed to these mailing list to share information and network with each other.

An Internet mailing list is really no more than a "round table discussion" but instead of being face to face, it come into your email. One of the members send an email to "The List" and the list management software sends it out to every member of the list. If you have something valuable to add to the discussion, all you need to do is click the REPLY button in your email program and share. Your email will in turn be sent to all the group members. Active participation is NOT required, you may certainly "lurk" in the shadows and just read the posts that come through, or you may join in occasionally or frequently.

The NailTech list has over 700 subscribers as of this writing and the SkinTech list over 300.

These fellow beauty professions use the email list to discuss their day to day problems and issues in running their business, handling employees, booth renters, clients, landlords.. they discuss techniques, new products.. they discuss meeting up at trade shows and having local networking days and much more.

If the sheer volume of mail is too much for your busy life, try receiving the list posts in a "bulk" format, a daily digest instead of individual mails (Instructions are in this section of the HELP!!! area). Whether you stay or go is of course your decision, we all hope you stay and share your experiences with the rest of us, so we can all grow as individuals and as a group.

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