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How to Get Listed in the Directory
This Directory is organized by subject and most sites in it are suggested to us by users. Sites are placed in categories by our content team, who visit and evaluate your suggestions and decide where they best belong. We do this to ensure that the Directory is organized in the best possible way, is easy to use, intuitive, helpful, and fair to everyone.

With this in mind, we ask that you follow three simple steps if you have a site (URL) you'd like to suggest:

1. Who Can Get Listed.
Since BeautyTech is dedicated to the Beauty Professional, it stands to reason only sites that are useful to the same group of professionals be qualified for addition. Examples would include; manufactures, distributors, trade show - Associations - publications, etc.. Additionally qualified are all salons; full service, hair, nail, spa, etc..

2. Check to see if your site is already listed.
An important first step, because if your site is already listed, you do not need to submit it again. Check by searching for your site by title, or by browsing appropriate categories. (You can do this from most pages within the directory using the search box near the top of the screen). If your site IS listed but needs to be revised for any reason, please contact the content team with full details.

3: Find the appropriate category in the Directory. (if you are NOT listed)
Finding an appropriate category for your site is at the heart of this process. Remember that our content team visits each site suggested and proper categorization on your part helps us process suggestions quickly.

4. Suggest your site from the appropriate category.
Suggest your site from the category you think most appropriate. Do this by clicking on the "Add A Site" link at the top right of that category page. Also remember that the final placement of your site is determined by our content team.

When you click on "Add A Site" in the appropriate category, you'll see an on-line form asking for information about your site. (In the "category" space on the form, you'll see the name of the category and the sub category you have chosen.) Please be prepared to provide your e-mail address, your site's title, URL, a brief description for your entry. Please ensure that you use the full URL (http://.....) in your entry.

We update our database on average once weekly and sites following the guidelines above can expect to be added at that time. Please help us to help you by providing your information as outlined above.

5. Request a NEW category
Please email the content team to request a category that is not included.

Many thanks,
Content Team

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